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Travlo: A Journey of Innovative Holiday Packages and Electric Self-Driving Taxis

In the dynamic world of travel and transportation, new startups are constantly emerging to cater to the evolving needs of travelers and commuters. One such innovative venture is Travlo, founded by Aayush Kaushik in 2020. Being his 4th venture, Aayush brought his extensive experience as a stock market trader and startup investor to create a company that offers holiday packages and taxi services with a unique twist – utilizing electric cars for self-driving rental purposes. Incubated in the IMI Bhubaneswar Incubation Center in 2020, Travlo has swiftly gained momentum and has generated impressive revenue of 48 lakhs in just two years of its establishment.

The Concept and Vision:

Travlo was conceived with a vision to revolutionize the travel industry by providing affordable holiday packages and taxi services while also embracing sustainable practices. Understanding the importance of eco-friendly transportation, Aayush Kaushik was one of the early pioneers in adopting electric vehicles (EVs) for self-driving rental services. This foresight not only set Travlo apart from its competitors but also contributed to reducing the carbon footprint in the tourism sector.

Incubation and Growth:

The crucial early stages of Travlo’s journey took place within the nurturing environment of the IMI Bhubaneswar Incubation Center. This incubation center provided the necessary infrastructure, mentorship, and support that paved the way for the company’s rapid growth. The symbiotic relationship with the college incubation played a vital role in Travlo’s success, enabling it to test and refine its business model while benefiting from the expertise of industry professionals.

Holiday Packages for Students:

One of Travlo’s primary offerings is its specially tailored holiday packages for students. By providing all-inclusive packages starting from 999, which include accommodation and transportation, the company addresses the budget constraints often faced by students. This approach has made travel more accessible and appealing to the student demographic, promoting a culture of exploration and learning.

Innovative Use of Electric Self-Driving Cars:

Travlo’s innovation lies in its pioneering use of EVs for self-driving rental purposes. By integrating electric cars into its fleet, Travlo showcases its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. EVs not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also present a glimpse into the future of transportation.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While Travlo has seen remarkable success, it has not been without challenges. Operating in the highly competitive travel industry demands continuous adaptation to changing trends and customer preferences. Additionally, the adoption of EVs required significant investment in charging infrastructure, but it has positioned Travlo as a leader in eco-friendly travel solutions.

Expanding Horizons:

Having established a strong foothold in the student travel market, Travlo has its sights set on broader horizons. The company aims to expand its offerings to cater to families, corporate travelers, and tourists from various demographics. With a reputation for innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction, Travlo is poised for growth and diversification.

Travlo’s journey from a startup to a thriving venture in just two years showcases the power of innovative ideas and sustainable practices. Aayush Kaushik’s vision, combined with the support of the IMI Bhubaneswar Incubation Center, has transformed Travlo into a key player in the travel and transportation industry. By offering affordable holiday packages and pioneering the use of electric self-driving cars, Travlo has not only disrupted the market but also set a commendable example for others to follow. As the world embraces sustainable practices, ventures like Travlo prove that environmental consciousness and business success can go hand in hand, making the future of travel greener and more exciting.


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