Punjabi rom-com Jalwayu Enclave trending on Twitter

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The outbreak of COVID-19 across the world, lead to chaos leaving most isolated. Director-producer Gabbar Sangrur who had already proved his mettle in 2019 with his directorial Punjabi web series – Gangland in Motherland, lockdown inspired him to back a love tale revolving around lockdown.   “With Gangland in Motherland, we tried to make both viewers … Read more

Take good care of children along with business

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Ayshwaria Lakshmi, 03/07/2022: In today’s time, most people are giving priority to their business and work. In such a situation, taking care of the house and family along with the outside becomes like doing another job. Due to this many parents are not able to give enough time to their children. Because of this, the … Read more

Top 05 Small Businesses to Start with 10000 Rupees

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Jaya Shah, 02/07/2022: In today’s time business is a profession that everyone wants to do. Everyone wants to do his own work so that he can earn maximum profit. For the past few years, in India too, there has been a lot of desire among the youth to leave their job and start their own … Read more

08 Different Types of Race Cars Explained

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Jaya Shah, 30/06/2022: There are many different types of race cars. Some are Sports prototypes, while others are production vehicles. We will discuss IndyCars, Stock cars, and Sports production cars. Here is some basic information about each. If you are new to racing, or even just to sports cars in general, you should read this … Read more