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How TurtlePic is changing the image sharing game by using face recognition AI technology

In the digital era, sharing memories in the form of pictures is an integral part of our lives. Especially during some of the big occasions like a wedding or a huge party, photo sharing becomes a special part. It becomes a necessity to share photos with friends, family, and guests.

But, when you look at thousands and thousands of photos being taken at a wedding, the task of sending the right picture to the right person becomes an extremely daunting task. This is where the power of Wedding photo sharing AI App like TurtlePic can come into play.

The State of the Art technology

TurtlePic is a state-of-the-art AI photo sharing App that has incorporated high-end AI technology, TurtlePic truly provides a personalized experience that is seamless for photo sharing experience for events and weddings. In today’s blog, we will be delving deep into How TutlePic is changing the image sharing game by using face recognition AI technology. Let’s Start.

The high rise of photo sharing AI

For some years, AI or artificial intelligence has really created significant strides all over and this has reached many industries and sectors. One such sector is image recognition and processing.

In this the AI algorithms can easily detect and analyze different scenes, objects along with faces with the highest level of accuracy. The wedding between AI and photo platforms has given birth to new platforms and TurtlePic is a great example of that.

The AI Face Recognition: A true game changer

The main feature that sets TurtlePic from the other photo sharing apps is its AI face recognition abilities. Once all the pictures of the wedding are uploaded to this Ai photo sharing App, then the AI processing starts and it works on identifying each face. The days of manually tagging the person are gone now. TurtlePic can easily handle that task.

Effortless in Organization & Personalization

 During a wedding or any other grand occasion, thousands and thousands of pictures are clicked. TurtlePic simplifies the process of sorting pictures automatically using AI and identifying the individuals in the pictures. With that, users can easily access pictures of them at that event and in a specific picture. This personalization experience really enhances the experience of photo sharing. Now you don’t have to organize every picture.

Streamlined Sharing with anyone

With the AI face identification App TurtlePic, sharing various images with your guests and loved ones is now a cakewalk. The process of sharing certain photographs together in one album becomes much easier with options like mandatory selfie search which allows the guests to only see their photos from the event instantly. This not only ensures extra privacy of your photos but also gives a personalized experience to your guests.

Ensuring full Privacy plus Security

While the power of AI is really good and useful and provides a great advantage in sharing and organizing pictures, it also raises questions related to privacy and security. TurtlePic understands this very deeply and therefore implemented robust controls to ensure privacy.

The wedding photo sharing app helps you by providing 100% control over your photos. The app provides partial access to guests by utilising face recognition as a firewall. By clicking a selfie, guests can only see their photos if you choose, without having the access to thousands of photos from your precious event.

Moving away from traditional photo sharing

In the era of the past, you had to develop physical copies of these pictures and distribute the copies to each individual. This process was extremely time-consuming and super expensive.

Also, if you store these photos in physical mediums like Hard Disks or Pen drives, there is a big potential of these drives getting lost or stolen or getting corrupted. It’s no wonder, these physical devices can be prone to different types of issues and all your photos will be lost forever.

With TurtlePic everything changes, as this AI Photo Sharing App provides a platform to share photos based from anywhere, anytime, and to anyone through the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This is a great way to share pictures since you don’t have to worry about losing your photos due to the vulnerability that physical storages like hard disks and pen drives bring with them.


In conclusion, the Wedding photo sharing AI app TurtlePic is truly revolutionizing the way we used to share these special and cherished moments. With the power of face recognition, seamless organization, personalized sharing along with top notch security, TurtlePic is a true pioneer in photo sharing and using the power of AI to elevate the experience of hosts as well as guests at the same time. So, make sure to harness the power of cloud computing and face recognition with TurtlePic to give an unprecedented experience to your guests.


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