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Producer Anup Jalota’s music video “Ui Mui Su” Released, Singers Suresh Wadkar, Reena Mehta. Aamir Shaikh & Sneha Ullal’s sizzling chemistry in the Song

The music video “Ui Mui Su,” produced by Anup Jalota, has been unveiled. The song features the melodious voices of Suresh Wadkar and Reena Mehta, accompanied by the captivating on-screen presence of Aamir Shaikh and Sneha Ullal, who showcase scintillating chemistry.

In the capital city of India, New Delhi, on August 12th, the enchanting actress Sneha Ullal, who gained fame through her role in “Lucky” alongside Salman Khan, has now taken the spotlight in a romantic music video titled “Ui Mui Su.” She stars opposite Aamir Shaikh in this video, which was released today on Zee Music and has garnered an outpouring of affection from the audience. The chemistry between Sneha Ullal and Aamir Shaikh is palpable, adding an irresistible allure to the song.

The mastermind behind this creation is none other than Anup Jalota, a globally renowned figure known as the Bhajan Samrat. Anup Jalota, a recipient of the Padma Shri award, has been associated with numerous Bollywood films. Captivated by the intriguing lyrics and concept of the project, he readily embraced the role of a producer.

The soulful voices of Bollywood legends Suresh Wadkar and Reena Mehta grace this song. Suresh Wadkar, acclaimed for his numerous blockbuster songs like “Tumse Milke Aisa Laga,” lends his melodious voice to enhance the song’s charm.

Reena Mehta, a singer who has collaborated with prominent artists including Anup Jalota, Amit Mishra, Nakash Aziz, Dev Negi, Shahid Mallya, Aman Trikha, and Aamir Shaikh, infuses life into this romantic composition with her exquisite vocals.

Sneha Ullal, who marked her debut in the world of Bollywood opposite Salman Khan in “Lucky,” has often garnered attention for her striking resemblance to Aishwarya Rai. Now, she captivates hearts with her graceful movements alongside Aamir Shaikh in this music video.

Aamir Shaikh, in tandem with Sneha Ullal, delivers a remarkable performance in the song. While Sneha exudes soft beauty, Aamir Shaikh presents a captivating new look.

The musical score for the video is crafted by Umesh Mishra, and the evocative lyrics are penned by Mukesh Sawan. This distinctive video is brought to life under the adept direction of Azad Hussain.

The music video “Ui Mui Su,” produced under the banner of Ocean Music & Entertainment, is being warmly embraced by the audience. Its catchy verses and melodious rendition contribute to its memorability.


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