Saturday, March 2, 2024

Shaan Mishra on Pride Month: Everyone has the right to live, everyone deserves love, respect and equal opportunity

Pride Month is all about recognising and celebrating LGBT rights. Many people, including those who are and not a part of the community, all around the globe have been working towards creating awareness about LGBT pride and culture. June is considered the pride month. Sindoor Ki Keemat 2 actor Shaan Mishra says that the acceptance towards the pride community has increased with time.

“Of course in our society the awareness and acceptance has increased. And I think it is for the betterment of the society because we should be able to accept the community because they are a part of our society,” he says.

Shaan also agrees that films and the web series showing same sex relationships and issues they face do create awareness and help many understand their plight.

“Everyone has their choices and we should respect it. Everyone has the right to live. We live in a secular country where people belonging to different caste, creed and religion dwell and each one of them deserve equal respect. Now the people’s mindset has changed and it’s for the better. Indian society used to be conservative but now things are changing and same sex relationships are being accepted globally as well. Sexuality or sexual preferences is an individual choice and we should understand as well as respect that. If we don’t understand them then there will be rift and controversy. I support this. Celebrating pride month is really great as people can be made more aware through different events. We all need love, respect, equal opportunity and enough space to breathe. What is a plus is that today’s teenagers are very supportive towards this,” he adds.


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