Monday, July 15, 2024

Inspector Avinash actor Harjinder Singh: Before entering the industry I was aware about the part and parcel of the job and the commitments that’ll come along

There is a very important rule in the industry and that is out of sight means out of mind. If artists do not make themselves visible, they might end up not getting much work. This is quite a stressful situation. Inspector Avinash actor Harjinder Singh too agrees with the scenario. He opens up about it

“It’s a bitter truth. And, yes indeed it’s an unsaid pressure,” he says.

Social media is a place where celebs often share bits and pieces of their lives. But not everything about them is grabbing attention. One wonders what people want to know and he adds, “It’s a human tendency. We are always keen on knowing about each other and especially the personal lives of celebrities. It’s always enticing to know what is happening in others’ personal space, especially stars.”

However, many feel that actors who have no attention-grabbing intention, mind their own business, and may sometimes go unnoticed in spite of doing good work. Reacting, Harjinder says, “See I’m just in my beginners phase and I was blessed to be noticed in my performance. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to go through this.”

The pressure includes not just taking up a project, but to be visible on social media, then there are competition, insecurities, even looks and what the audience reactions would be also give them sleepless nights.


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