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Introducing ‘The Struggler Boy’ Babbu Deol as a rising Punjabi singer, lyricist 

Babbu Deol, also known as Jagseer Singh Deol, is a Punjabi singer, and Lyricist, Composer.He was born to Sardar Malkeet Singh and sardarni Simran jeet Kaur . He belongs to a jatt sikh family.

Babbu Deol is from a village named Benra distt Sangrur tehsil Dhuri, Punjab. The identity ‘struggler boy’ is truly suited to his career. As Babbu Deol comes from a small village it is tough to become a Punjabi singer. He faces many problems to release projects because he is new to the Punjabi industry and he had no proper contact with music directors, producers, and companies but because of his dedication and hard work he manages all the things.

The ‘struggler boy’ true to these words makes his name in the Indian Punjabi industry with his debut song. He did his schooling at Golden Bells Public School in Dhuri, Sangrur Punjab. When he was in school he also did some other sports activities like martial arts karate, and Taekwondo. After schooling, he did his graduation(B.A Music) in khalsa college Patiala. When he was in school his interest in singing as well. After that, this hobby becomes a dream and his dream is to be a singer. When he was doing his graduation he also sang in youth festivals held in college.

As we mentioned in schooling he did karate and Taekwondo so based on his game he took admitted to Punjabi University Sports Wing, Patiala where he continued his game. After university, he started a job as a coach in schools and also ran a Young Taekwondo academy in the city of Dhuri, Sangrur Punjab but he didn’t quit his singing, he always sang in his free time.

Singing is a passion for him and to complete his dream he met Gurpreet chattha a famous Punjabi singer, composer, and lyricist who lived in Mohali. Babbu Deol does his singing practice with him. In their free time, he learns another musical instrument like the guitar and enhances his talents. He is a very talented and hardworking guy. He always does his work with full concentration and with dedication. Because of his dedication, he released his first song in 2022 and the name of the song is” struggler boy” with Yung eye music. Because of his first song’s good response by the public, he also did another song (Meri Zindagi) as a lyricist with Bollywood singer Rani Hazarika and a Punjabi song “Sukoon” with Riyaz. He is also working on his upcoming projects as well. Now he has good relationships with other industry artists.

He comes from a family where no one is from the singing line. He has a dream to establish his own music company and encourage people who have the same story as him so that they will complete their dreams without any obstacles which Babbu Deol faced in his life. The things which he achieves in his life are because of his hard work and his passion. He believes that always doing things themselves does not depend on others because no one helps you with your life problems, you are the only one who solves it, just believe in yourself and God.

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