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Kavitta Verma Shares Why ‘Kaala’ Web Series Holds Special Meaning

  • Kavitta Verma opens up on why web series Kaala is special

Kaala came to actress Kavitta Verma when she was going through a major low phase in her life. She says that the role will always be special for her.

“Kaala came to me when it was a very low phase in my life. It’s a special role which is performance-oriented. I was in a very low phase of my life and nothing was working out. But that’s the beauty; it gives you the strength to stand alone. That’s when my book of poetry got published and got a good response. Bejoy read the book and connected with me to write poetry on the title #kaala, which you hear in the teaser. Then he asked me to do a role as well, which helped me fight deep depression. I had lost my father and was grieving.”

Ask her How she motivated herself to work again, and she says, “I come from an army background, and my father always said that no matter what, you should get up after a fall and walk again. That stays with me always.”

Talking about working with Director Bijoy Nambiar, she says, “Bejoy Nambiar is an amazing director, and he got the performance he wanted out of me. So, thanks to him. Bejoy Nambiar is an awesome director everyone wishes to work with. He’s a reservoir of creative energy. It’s a blessing to have worked with him.”

She has also written poetry for the web series. “Writing the title poetry for #kaala was a beautiful journey. Bejoy just said one word KAALA and asked me to encompass the energy of black and how our lives get entwined with the same. I had a learning experience while shooting Kaala. It was an awesome team, and all the actors were so good to match up to. I shot it in Darjeeling and the outskirts of Mumbai.”

She adds, “I wish to reiterate a high octane scene with actors Manoj Mathew and Jitin Gulati. I was drenched in juice which was used as liquor, and it was so cold in Darjeeling that I felt sweet and numb both at the same time. I’m grateful to have worked with them.”


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