Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sonam Lamba Relates to Her Character Kiran in ‘Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hain

Actress Sonam Lamba, who plays the female lead, Kiran, in Kumeria Productions’ (Vijayendra Kumeria) Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hain, says that she is really fascinated with the title of the show. She says that it makes you believe in fantasies again.

“I believe every child, at some point or another, has a curiosity about the moon. Imagine the fantasies they weave about the moon. I think every child must have wondered about what the moon is actually like, the moon that always accompanies us, the one we always gaze at. How does it really look up close? What exists on its surface? Where does it reside? For me, the fascination lies in the moon’s constant presence – this is my imagination. Every child, at least once, engages in this. I suppose it’s a unique title. It’s a beautiful title,” she says.

She adds, “I have always been fascinated with the moon and space in my childhood. As I mentioned earlier, I always used to think that the Moon always stays with us and looks so beautiful from afar and how it would look from a close view. I wish I could go to the moon but practically not possible. I was fascinated a lot.”

Talking about her role, she says, “Kiran is a young girl who belongs to a typical conservative family in a village in Punjab. She is very passionate about her studies and she dreams. She dreams of going to the moon and she believes that she has the capability and she can. She is ready to sacrifice everything for that dream. Becoming an astronaut going to the moon and studying about the moon is her only passion in life.”

She adds, “I can relate to Kiran a lot as we both are from Punjab and were raised in the same culture like the same Punjabi family. The same traditions were all around there. And even I was fascinated with the Moon just like Kiran. So yes, I can relate to Kiran a lot. I can see that the girl like little Sonam in Kiran a lot.”

Working with Kumeria Productions is amazing, she says, adding, “It’s been great working with Kumeria Productions as our producer Vijendra Kumeria himself is an actor so he understands the requirements and needs of an actor. So, it was nice working with Kumeria Productions. I know about almost all of Vijendra Kumeria’s shows but I have watched him in Udaan. I like that show and these days my mother is watching him in Teri Meri Dooriyan and she likes him a lot on that show.”

The show has a progressive take on aspirations and ambitions, she says, adding, “Earlier there were so many things on my wish list that I wanted to do. But after seeing the COVID phase and losing so many near and dear ones, I just wish to live a life through which I can make my family and my near and dear ones proud and do some good work through which I can make some impact on society and share my part in doing something good for humanity and society.”

Talking about the shoot, she says, “There is a beautiful scene in which we were to go for a school field trip and we went to a planetarium in Punjab. There I was sitting with some other students in an auditorium and we were made to see space through some 3D effect. I felt like I was floating in the universe almost so near all the planets and like space it was a great experience.”

The show is coming on air on DD National, which is a treat for the actress, “During my childhood, I used to watch almost all the shows on DD, but just like all of the kids of my time, Shakti Man was my all-time favourite. DD National is the channel with the maximum reach. It reaches the most remote areas of our country where other channels are not even available. DD National is the only source of entertainment, information, and education for people living in such remote areas. This channel provides so many motivational programs that inspire people to learn new things to educate themselves and it is a feeling of pride to be associated with such a channel which is Desh ka Pehla channel and Desh ka apna channel and, yes, it is going for a revamp. So, it is a good thing as times are changing and there is a change in the audiences of course.”


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