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Aradhana Sharma on Working with Balaji: A Must for Success in the Industry

  • Barsaatein actor Aradhana Sharma: If you are in this industry, working with Balaji is a must

Aradhana Sharma is always in the lookout for substantial characters. Her prominent shows include Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah! , Channa Mereya, Alibaba and Aladdin: Naam To Suna Hoga. Her last show was Alibaba, where she had a negative cameo. Each of her characters earned her praises. Now the actor is a part of the show Barsaatein is quite happy to be working with a big production house for it.

“I feel if you are in this industry working with Balaji is a must. I am truly grateful for this show and I feel it will pave my path to my future endeavours,” she smiles.

She plays Kriti in the show. “Kriti is one of the three stepsisters to Aradhana’s birth mother, who happens to be a renowned fashion icon. I feel my character is an integral part of the family dynamic, contributing a unique perspective to the narrative. In the backdrop of a fashion-oriented setting, characters could bring a distinctive flavour to the story,” says Aradhana, who would have been preparing for IAS if acting did not happen to her by chance.

The actor has a glamorous image off screen. “As a person, I was really under confident about my physical traits but I have worked really hard on myself, on my body and to build my personality. And I wouldn’t say I am excellently fashionable but I know what suits me and what makes me confident. So yes I love wearing sarees and cutting edge fashion,” adds the actor, who is fond of learning new skills such as martial arts, swimming, travelling and dancing.

It’s a common belief that appearance matters in acting. “To me looks can play a role in an actor’s career, but they are not the sole determining factor for success. While physical appearance can initially catch attention and fit certain roles, it’s the combination of talent, dedication, versatility, and the ability to connect with audiences that truly defines an actor’s success. Acting is a craft that requires the ability to embody different characters, convey emotions convincingly, and tell stories effectively. Many successful actors have carved out thriving careers based on their acting skills, regardless of conventional beauty standards. Looks might open doors in the entertainment industry, but it’s the depth of an actor’s abilities and their commitment to their craft that ultimately sustains their career and earns them recognition,” she shares her opinion.

About the changes she has noticed in the entertainment industry in the last two years, the actor says, “Many! Firstly, there are lots and lots of opportunities now. Then digital streaming dominance, content diversity, web series boom and huge increase in regional content.”

So how do you unwind after a hard day’s work? “Just by talking about everything with my mother and sister and my close friends,” she says.


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