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EnBill: From Retailers to Consumers… EnBill provides this service including Billing, Booking, Catalog

EnBill: Retail-fintech startup EnBill is excited to announce its new app that connects traditional retailers with their local customers.

EnBill: Retail-fintech startup EnBill is excited to announce its new app that connects traditional retailers with their local customers. With an aim to digitally connect small and medium businesses with the youth in India, EnBill offers a host of features to make doing business easy and convenient.

What does EnBill do?

EnBill acts as a bridge between traditional retailers and customers and is expanding the online possibilities of local shops. The app also allows businessmen to enhance their offline retail outlets’ online presence with customers, and promote their business digitally. EnBill also provides features like billing, booking, management, a digital catalog, inventory management, and other shop management tools to make financial transactions more convenient for both shopkeepers and customers.

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Apart from its financial features, EnBill aims to connect local businesses with customers through the ‘Local Shop, Local Grahak’ program. The program also helps merchants connect with their regular customers and take orders in advance for pickup or delivery.

Retailers get these facilities

EnBill provides a one-stop solution for all business needs of local businessmen. The app’s many features, including online visibility and promotions, help merchants focus on their business to maximize revenue. EnBill also provides financial assistance to traditional retailers based on their transactions.

EnBill is focusing on the traditional retail market in India and is committed to helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) towards digital transformation. The company plans to provide loans to entrepreneurs and will offer a range of ancillary services to help them grow and succeed.

About The Company

Pankaj Khaitan, Founder, EnBill says, “We are excited to introduce EnBill and provide a platform for small business owners to grow their businesses. We aim to digitally connect India and enable SMEs to lead the way in modern marketplaces. At EnBill, we believe that the traditional retail sector is facing a number of challenges, as online platforms are gaining popularity. However, we believe that with the right technology, the traditional retail sector can not only grow faster but also outperform online platforms.

This is why we are committed to developing easy-to-use technology that will propel traditional retailers into the digital age. We are confident that With the help of technology, we can create a bright future for the traditional retail sector and create a better tomorrow for all.”


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