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Entrepreneur Zarir Meherji’s Hidden Passion: Dreaming of MotoGP with Valentino Rossi

  • Entrepreneur Zarir Meherji is a true blue biker: My dream is to ride the MotoGP bikes on the official track and get trained by my inspiration and legend, Valentino Rossi

Entrepreneur Zarir Meherji is managing four different organisations. He is the director at L’atelier Artist Management, Managing Director at FloFitBox Mumbai, Founder of Florian Hurel Academy and Director and CEO of Florian Hurel Hair Couture. Not many know about his love for bikes. This fun side of him is the focus in this story.

“For me, bikes mean a lot. Bikes and I have always been together since the age of 13 wherein I first rode my Yamaha RX100 in the bylanes of Bandra. I feel riding bikes is in my blood.
My grandfather was a passionate rider and used to ride for brands like BMW, Norton, Jawa, Yezdi etc in the 1940’s. He was a racer and used to race uphill races every weekend. For me, whichever bike makes me talk to the wind, I prefer that. So yes, fast bikes that are high on speed are what I like,” he says.

Sharing memories of riding bikes on vacations, he adds, “Well, whilst in my teens I used to make it a point to go anywhere and everywhere on a bike. Riding a bike has always been a passion for me since I was young and there are many memories attached to it.”

Have you ever participated in any motorcycle-related events or competitions? “I do wish, but time doesn’t permit. My dream would be to ride the MotoGP bikes on the official track and be trained by none other than my inspiration and legend Valentino Rossi,” he adds.


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