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Sweety Yadav: A Trailblazer Breaking Barriers and Soaring High!

Often many girls give up their dreams under the pressure of family or people, but Sweety Yadav, despite not supporting family and people, kept faith in her dreams and herself and took flight of her dreams, not only in this society but also in her family, she became an example and proved that if we want to do something, no one can stop us.

Sweety Yadav: I belong to a small-town Kanpur where girls are not even allowed to go out and work. I am talking about 2009 when I started my journey It was even more difficult for me to work outside Kanpur where I was not allowed to leave the house. My family members were totally against it but somehow, I understood them and came to Delhi, and from there, my struggle started. I came to such a big city but it was difficult to adapt myself according to here, but I also had passion in my mind that I should not misunderstand those people. To prove to those who think that a small-town girl can’t do anything.

I got my wings –I worked in small posts in different companies for the first 4 years because my English was not good. During this, I also became a joke among people but I did not give up and kept giving interviews. On 14th December 2014 finally, my dreams got wings in a true sense as the girl who had never even sat on a flight, today became a flight attendant.

I was absolutely broken – It was only a short time after my job that suddenly my elder brother passed away and as if the ground had slipped under my feet. I broke down very badly and got into depression but I picked myself up again and gathered the courage to move forward.

My Father My Idol: My father has always been my inspiration for me and I have learned a lot in life from him. I still remember that even during festivals like Diwali, he used to go to his work. He achieved everything in his life by himself and never gave up in life. In the initial phase, my family members were not with me due to the fear of people, but with time they understood my dreams and today they are proud of me. My father calls me his son which is the biggest achievement of my life for me.

My Family Is My Power: My life took a beautiful turn when I got married to Neeraj Yadav in 2017. The biggest support of a woman after marriage is her husband and I am thankful to God that I have found such a life partner who tells me to move forward and who looks after my happiness and my dreams and not this society. Today, due to the support of her and my mother-in-law, I am able to fulfill my dreams even after having two children because she never understood the difference between a daughter and a daughter-in-law. Whatever I am today, I would like to give credit to my family who believed in me and inspired me to move forward.

People’s taunts made me stronger I have been the target of people’s taunts and their jokes many times. Sometimes about my weak English, sometimes about my overweight, and sometimes about focusing on my career even after having two children, but I understood with time that no matter what we do, this society will say something or the other to us, so we should move forward by listening to the voice of our dreams and not theirs.

I want to be motivational for someone I also want to be an inspiration to other women like me who want to fulfill their dreams despite being a mother. Today whenever people message me and say that you inspire us, I feel that I am going on the right path.







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