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Empowering Communities and Expanding Horizons: Arkastha Solar Pvt. Ltd. Shines Bright in Haryana-Delhi Region

25 July 2023, Haryana-Delhi: Arkastha Solar Private Limited, the trailblazing solar energy company, has been making waves not only for its exceptional business model but also for its commitment to empowering local communities in the Haryana-Delhi region. As the company continues to expand its reach, it leaves behind a trail of sustainable development and social empowerment.

A Sustainable Vision:

Founded in 2021 by Mr. Vikrant Prashar, Arkastha Solar began with a vision to revolutionize the energy landscape of the region. What set them apart from the start was their unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and a strong belief in the potential of solar energy to drive positive change. This vision guided their unique business model, which intertwines commercial success with community upliftment.

With their visionary approach and the commitment to social responsibility, Mr. Vikrant Prashar , Jai Singh Bharat  and Arvind Thakran have not only built a successful company but also ignited a transformative movement that is empowering lives and illuminating the future for generations to come.

The Business Model:Empowering Lives, Illuminating Futures:

Arvind Thakran Believes that at  the core of Arkastha Solar’s success lies its groundbreaking business model. The company’s approach goes beyond just installing solar panels and systems; it focuses on empowering local communities to become active participants in the renewable energy revolution.

Through a carefully crafted outreach program, Arkastha Solar identifies opportunities to engage with communities in rural and underserved areas. It offers training programs to local residents, providing them with the necessary skills to work in the solar energy sector. This approach not only creates job opportunities but also instills a sense of ownership and pride among the workforce.

Empowering Local Entrepreneurs:

 In  addition to providing job opportunities, Arkastha Solar’s business model actively encourages local entrepreneurship. The company facilitates access to micro-financing and technical support for individuals who wish to establish their solar energy businesses. By doing so, Arkastha Solar nurtures a network of local entrepreneurs who can contribute to the growth of the renewable energy ecosystem in the region.

 Sustainable Development in Action:

Arkastha Solar’s efforts in empowering communities have resulted in significant socio-economic development in the Haryana-Delhi region. Villages that once relied on traditional and often polluting energy sources now have access to clean and affordable solar power, leading to improved living standards and enhanced economic opportunities.

Furthermore, the reduction in reliance on fossil fuels has resulted in lower carbon emissions, making a positive impact on the environment. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with the region’s sustainability goals and national efforts to combat climate change.

 The Path of Expansion:

Buoyed by its success in the Haryana-Delhi region, Arkastha Solar is now on a path of expansion. The company has successfully replicated its business model in other states of India and even in select international markets. By leveraging their experience and expertise, the founders aim to establish Arkastha Solar as a global leader in sustainable energy solutions.

A Beacon of Hope:

Arkastha Solar Pvt. Ltd. is not just a business; it is a beacon of hope for the future. Through its innovative business model, the company exemplifies how commercial success and social empowerment can go hand in hand. As it continues to expand its horizons, Arkastha Solar’s light shines brightly, illuminating the path towards a greener, more inclusive, and sustainable world.


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