Sunday, July 14, 2024

Star-Studded Launch of Dr. Dimple Jangda’s Book ‘Heal Your Gut, Mind & Emotions’ with Shaina NC, Faruk Kabir, Smita Bansal, and More

  • Shaina NC, Director Faruk Kabir, Actress Smita Bansal, Dr. Mickey Mehta, Ojas Rajani, Bijay Anand & Joint commissioner of Mumbai Vishwas Nangre Patel launch Dr Dimple Jangda’s Book- Heal Your Gut, Minds & Emotions

Gut health coach and author Dr Dimple Jangda last evening launched her book Heal Your Gut, Mind & Emotions: 5 Steps to Reset Your Health with Ayurveda and Food Chemistry. The event was attended by Vishwas Narayan Nangare Patil, celebrity makeup artist and influencer Ojas Rajani, fashion designer and politician Shaina NC, Health Guru Dr. Mickey Mehta, director Faruk Kabir and actress Smita Bansal, Actor Bijay Anand among others.

Dimple is no stranger to the world of wellness and has been sharing health tips on her social media handles for a few years now. Heal Your Gut, Mind, and Emotions, published by Penguin, reiterates that taking care of oneself is the most important aspect of life. It shares the tools that shaped Dimple’s life and advises on how you can use food to preserve your health and reverse diseases.

Sharing the vision behind her book, Dimple said, “It is a sum of all the research I have done on this subject with my team, my doctors, my therapists in treating various kinds of diseases at our clinic. This basically outlines the 5 steps you can follow to reset your health using Ayurvedic science and food chemistry. It’s a marriage of traditional sciences with modern research based science, that allows people to have a holistic approach to their health. It is something you can relate to, understand and implement in your daily life

She added, “I have been pursuing the subject of food chemistry for the last many years. It talks about the different combinations of food that you should pay attention to so you can prevent diseases. With this book launch, we just hope that we can amplify the conversation around preventive healthcare life sciences. It shouldn’t just be about curative life sciences where we are waiting to get sick and then look for a cure. This book will allow us to share all the good things that we have been doing at Pranna, with the rest of the world.”

Talking about Dimple, Shaina said, “I look at Dimple, it’s like she is never ageing. Having said that, I feel gut health is the most important. Being in public and especially leading a fast-paced life, I realised that the days when the gut is good, the mood is good and the energy is there. So, I started reading Dimple’s book and I actually discovered her, without knowing her, on Instagram. And I used to see that she makes such sensible tips. The way she puts forth a point, is something that appeals. It’s not a diet, it’s just common sense and if we implement that in our lives as much as we can, I am sure we will be in a much happier space. As they say, health is wealth, and the only wealth I want right now is good health


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