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An Enterprise Worth Rs 800 Crore: The Inspirational Journey of Poonam Gupta

You must have often heard a line “An idea that changes your life”, one such idea changed the life of Poonam Gupta. Poonam Gupta was searching for a job after completing her studies. Then she got married to an NRI living in Scotland. After marriage, she went to Scotland and there too she was looking for a job in companies.

While wandering among the companies, he did not get a job, but there he got a business idea and working on the same idea, he started his own company.

In today’s article, know the success story of Poonam Gupta, founder of PG Papers Company Limited –

Birth: 17 August 1976, New Delhi
Education: Honors in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College

Position: Founder of PG Papers Company Limited
Turnover: Rs 800 crore

Who is Poonam Gupta?

47-year-old Poonam Gupta was born on 17 August 1976 in New Delhi. Poonam’s schooling was done in Delhi only, she was smart in studies since childhood, that is why she got admission in Delhi Public School on the basis of her merit. After this, Poonam obtained an Honors degree in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi and then completed her MBA degree.

The struggle to find a job began

Poonam was struggling to get her first job after completing her studies. Wherever she applied, her application was rejected due to lack of experience. During this time, she got married to Puneet Gupta, who was a pharmacist of Indian origin in Scotland and did a good job. Along with Puneet, Poonam also reached Scotland, where she started searching for a job. But luck was not favoring him here also, all his applications were getting rejected.

Business idea came from trash

She was visiting different companies for a job in Scotland, but due to lack of experience, her applications were continuously getting rejected. When she was visiting these different offices, she saw that there was a pile of garbage in every office. Seeing this pile of trash, he got an idea that why not recycle this trash and make fresh paper. Poonam did further research on this idea, during which she also got funding of Rs 1 lakh under a scheme of the Scottish government.

After this, in 2003, he started his own company by the name of PG Papers Company Limited, under which new papers of better quality are recycled by recycling waste paper. Today Poonam’s business is spread in 60 countries including Scotland, Europe, America and India and the turnover of her company has reached Rs 800 crore. Where once Poonam was wandering from office to office to get a job, today the same Poonam is doing business by contracting with many big companies.


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