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Revolutionizing Village Economies: Lucrative Business Ideas Beyond Farming in 2024

There was a time when most of the village population was engaged in farming. But now times have changed, today even in villages most of the people are getting educated and are looking for other options for running village businesses apart from farming.

“Mahatma Gandhi had said that real India lives in villages.”

Today the youth of the villages are either going outside and doing jobs or want to do business in their own villages. The youth of the villages are also understanding well what business is and how to do it. Due to good connectivity of almost all the villages of the country, there are many businesses which can be easily done in the villages.

These business ideas will be a hit in the village (2024)

In today’s article, we are telling you about some such businesses, which can be done with good profits even in villages –

Fertilizer and seed stock: Many people in villages depend on farming for livelihood, now if there is farming, then it will definitely require seeds, fertilizers and other things related to farming. For this, you can open a fertilizer and seed store shop in rural areas. Although you can open this shop with an investment of Rs 1 to 2 lakh, but if you invest at least Rs 5 lakh, then you can earn good profits from it. For this you will also have to obtain some licenses. If you do it right, you can make profits of 20 to 25%.

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Grain buying and selling business: Whenever the crop is ripe, farmers want to sell their crop at a reasonable price and for this they turn to grain markets. If you are financially strong and can invest a little more, then this can be a good business for you. For this you will have to get Gumasta done from your local body and will also have to obtain a food license. Apart from this, you will also need a warehouse, where you can store the grains properly.

Dairy Centre: Along with farming, people also do animal husbandry in villages. Farmers who have more animals, milk them and sell it at nearby dairy centers. These dairy centers buy milk from farmers and then sell it to any dairy related company like Amul or Mother Dairy. You can start this business with very little investment, apart from this the government also provides loans and subsidies for this business.

Grocery Store: Grocery business is an evergreen business. If you live in a rural area, you can open a small and medium sized grocery store. You can decide whether the grocery store is small, medium or big according to the population of your village. If your village is bigger than the surrounding villages then you can also open a big and wholesale grocery store there. Opening grocery stores in villages can be a profitable deal for you.

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Medical Store: If you have done B. Pharma, you can also open a medical store. Nowadays people have started using medicines more in villages also, in such a situation, if you open a medical store in a rural town, then you have more chances of success. For this you will have to select a village which is a little big and people from nearby villages can also reach there easily.

Poultry Farming: Poultry farming is a good business idea to do business in the village. You can keep a small part of your farming land for this. Nowadays many companies can also help you in this work. These companies also give you training in poultry farming and when your number of chickens increases, they also collect them from you. You will have to arrange food and water for the chickens and also take care that they do not suffer from any disease. You also have to take care of their safety from dogs and cats.

Tailoring Shop: If you have the skill to stitch good clothes, then you can also open a tailoring shop in the village. Even today many people like to get their clothes tailored and wear them. For this, you will have to stay updated about different types of clothing styles and trending fashion, so that your customers are always happy with you.

Internet Services: Due to increasing awareness about education in villages, village children also need internet services. Be it filling annual exam and university exam forms or applying for a government job, if you start an internet shop in the village, you can earn good profits. For this you will need a good computer system and a good high speed internet connection. BSNL and other private telecom companies provide leased internet connections. Apart from this, many companies are also providing wireless broadband service through air fiber.

Flour Mill: In earlier times, every house in the village used to have a hand-operated flour mill, but today doing flour mill business in villages can be profitable. In this flour mill you can grind wheat, gram flour or any grain flour, for this you can buy a flour mill with a motor which is of 1 or 2 horse power.

Coaching Centre: There was a time when village people did not pay attention to studies, but now even in villages people want their children to progress through education. In such a situation, if you are educated and have good knowledge of almost all the subjects, then you can also open a coaching center in your village. With this you can not only earn good income with very little investment but can also earn respect in your village.

It is generally believed that businesses run only in cities, but today people have started doing business in cities as well as villages. Along with this, now the government is also running many new schemes to start business. If you also want to start your business in the village, then these business ideas can be of great use to you.


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