Monday, July 15, 2024

Mask TV’s Nukkad Set to Premiere on OTT Platform: A Family Drama Unfolds on December 8th!

Nukkad is a term that paints a vivid picture of an event in a person’s mind upon hearing it. Essentially, it’s a lively portrayal of an incident explained in simple words that anyone can easily comprehend. There’s no need for a specific place or attire to ‘nukkad.’ You can express your reality with simple articulation and that vitality is what’s termed as ‘nukkad’. A web series named Nukkad comprising 6 episodes is set to be streamed on the Mask TV OTT platform from the upcoming December 8th. This series acquaints audiences with a family’s story, weaving together the importance of relationships, ethical bonds with friends, and harmony within a family.

In an era where web series often entice viewers with violence, bloodshed, and adult content, Mask TV on OTT stands out in the industry with its original content. The platform has already acquainted audiences with various kinds of content, many of which have set new standards of success.

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The anticipation for the new presentation by producers Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt is about to culminate. Through this content, these producers have crafted a distinct image among audiences—one that is profoundly positive. Instead of confining themselves to a particular genre, these producers have approached all content with equal seriousness as per its necessity. As per the channel producer of this OTT platform, Mansie Bhatt, the Nukkad web series will prominently feature Ved Prakash along with Abhik Benazir and Sanam Jiya, essential characters who have previously worked in darker or comedy-centric films but have taken a distinctive route in Nukkad.

Mask TV OTT has been on a year-long journey, and just before its first anniversary, the gift of Nukkad is a remarkable achievement for this platform.

The main cast of Nukkad includes Trupti Sahu, Apala Bisht, Imran Hussain, Rohit Banerjee, Sagar Saini, Veena, Pooja, Saurabh, Preeti Sharma, Sunil Saini, Sathish, Rubina Khan, Priyanka Kashyap, Vishal Singh, and Karan Mehra. Abhik Benazir has directed Nukkad, while Ashok Panda has handled the cinematography. The music, composed by Joy Datta and Rudra Mazumdar, has been intricately woven into the story by lyricist Vashkar Ghosh. This information was provided by the publicist Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.


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