Saturday, June 22, 2024

Ram Charan takes time from filming to cast his vote as he jets off to Hyderabad

Global star Ram Charan is creating a buzz as he travels from Mysore to Hyderabad, not for a film shoot, but to cast his vote. This move proves his commitment to civic duty and being a responsible citizen. Taking time off his busy shooting schedule for the upcoming film, fans are eagerly anticipating his new avatar on the big screen.

Coincidentally, the theme of Ram Charan’s highly awaited movie, ‘Game Changer,’ revolves around the electoral system, adding a layer of significance to his real-life actions. Despite the glamour of the film industry, he prioritizes his civic duty by taking the time to vote. Once done, the renowned actor will return to the film set, balancing his roles as an actor and a responsible citizen.

The film, ‘Game Changer,’ slated for release next year, promises an exciting cinematic experience for fans. As the excitement builds for the movie’s release, Ram Charan continues to captivate audiences, not just with his on-screen presence but also with his commitment to making a difference in the real world.


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