Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Ram Charan proves he’s a true Game Changer by making time to vote

In a move that reflects his commitment to civic duty, global star Ram Charan traveled from Mysore to Hyderabad to cast his vote. This decision, made amidst his busy filming schedule for the upcoming film ‘Game Changer,’ highlights the actor’s dedication to being a responsible citizen.

The theme of ‘Game Changer’ revolves around the electoral system, adding a layer of significance to Ram Charan’s real-life actions. Despite the demands of his profession, he prioritized his civic duty and exercised his right to vote. This act of citizenship serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that even amidst the glamour of the film industry, one’s responsibilities as a citizen remain paramount.

Upon casting his vote, the actor will return to the film set, continuing to entertain audiences with his on-screen performances. Fans eagerly await the release of ‘Game Changer,’ where they can witness Ram Charan’s talent and dedication once again.


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