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PYAARI TARAWALI THE TRUE STORY REVIEW: A Woman breaking the chains of suffocating & challenging customs for love and freedom.


Producers Kalpana Rajput, Amit Gupta and Dolly Tomar

Director- Rajneesh Dubey

Star Cast- Dolly Tomar, Rajneesh Dubey, Bobby Vats and Satya Agnihotri

Genre- Musical Romance Drama

Platform of Release- Theatres

Rating- * * * * 1/2

Basically, to put it in a nutshell, Pyaari Tarawali The True Story is an intense and captivating love story drama of Pyaari, an enigma of womanhood, desiring love with freedom and of a common dreamy tea-seller Laxman Chaiwallah. Set in the village of Tarawali, the film revolves around a woman who seeks love and freedom.

The story revolves around a woman named “Pyaari”, (Dolly Tomar) with a desire of love, but, has no trust in the efficacy of relationships, as she suffers marriage breakup not once but twice. It is about Pyaari’s quest for love and freedom, breaking free from societal norms and emotional struggles. On the other side we have an ironic reflection, a man known as “Laxman Chaiwala”, (Rajneesh Dubey) who is aged 38 years but unfortunately a bachelor still.

The film based on a novel on a true incident also written by Rajneesh with the same title was shot in Madhya Pradesh. The plot revolves around Pyaari’s pursuit of love amidst life’s challenges.

Despite the fact that everyone in the village makes fun of him and teases him for not being able to find any girl to marry, he still has a strong belief in himself and a strong motivation in his mind. And due to this sheer motivation and belief, life brings him closer to Pyaari and gives him a chance to revive his flat mundane life. Their paths cross, and together they set out to commence a new journey together, with love.

The story and relationship of Laxman and Pyaari takes a bizarre twist since quite often a new life brings you lots of responsibilities and in this struggle of love and responsibility, our paths get twisted sometimes. This heart-warming tale explores hope and love amidst tradition. Music by Rajneesh Dubey, R P Sony, S Kumar, Samarth Sharma, Zakir Sadani is not only soothing but also extremely melodious to the core.

Dolly Tomar, who has earlier worked in the Chhattisgarhi film ‘Bhanwar’, puts up an effortless role in the film and is able to work wonders while Rajneesh Dubey compliments her as her husband with a first class performance, Bobby Vats renders a sterling performance as the antagonist.


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