Thursday, July 18, 2024

Actor Ayush Khatri: Good looks make your work easier

Actor Ayush Khatri known for his famous Tv shows like “Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap”, “Satrangi Sasural, “Agent Raghav – Crime Branch “,”Tasha-e-ishq” will be soon seen in an upcoming OTT project “Moral Justice”. The actor says that looking good is very important in this industry, even if you are not that talented, good looks can make a big difference.

“I think good looks are important for everyone. Nowadays, when any student completes their twelfth grade, the first thing they do is look at themselves in the mirror. After that, they hit the gym and work on building their body. Those whose bodies don’t naturally develop often resort to using steroids. Their entire appearance changes – their hair, their glasses, they even start using contact lenses. Nowadays, everyone wants to look beautiful because times are changing. In the past, it was believed that being tall was essential, but nowadays, people have accepted themselves. If someone is 5’7″, 5’8″, 5’6″, or even 5’5″, they work on bringing out their best look. They are working on that. Have you seen how many gyms have opened up nowadays? There are gyms on every corner. There are so many brands for supplements. Like right now, I am a brand ambassador for one of the supplement brands. I get calls for collaborations all the time, asking me to tie up with them because my social media is strong in the bodybuilding and good-looking aspect. So, I believe that good looks are essential for an actor because if you want to work in a Karan Johar film or a big banner film, you need to have good looks,” he says.

He adds, “Now, you see Ranveer Singh, you see Ranbir Kapoor, you see anyone; everyone has good looks. So, good looks are very important. Even if you don’t have the talent factor, good looks are still crucial because they make your work easier. If you are attractive, people listen to you, even if you’re saying something wrong or right. And if, despite looking at your average report, you speak confidently and authoritatively, people will still like you. Good looks make a significant difference.”

However, good looks or not, the struggle of an actor never ends, he says, adding, “Initially, the idea was to have the best portfolio shoot. Hire this person, hire that person and get some awesome body shots. Now, when we send the body shots, they say, ‘You should send us some casual photos.’ We send casual photos, and they say, ‘Now send us formal photos.’ We send formal photos and they say, ‘Send us the candid pictures, these pictures are edited.’ I mean, an actor can get confused. Now, they don’t call us for auditions, they tell us to make the video at home with our mobile, and with the script. Then when we send, they say, ‘Sir, it wasn’t supposed to be made like this, it was supposed to be made like this.’ When we ask, ‘How do you want me to make it? Someone must have a video; some actor must have done something, send a reference’, they say ‘No, sir, if we send the reference, you’ll send the exact copy, we want your originality.’ Now, when we’re giving our originality, they don’t want it. Then they compare it with someone else’s video to see if it’s the same. Look, this person set this benchmark, so you have to set a benchmark in this sector as well. There are many opportunities in this.”


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