Thursday, May 23, 2024

On Father’s Day Sneha Jain speaks about her father whom she lost when she was only 3 years old

This Father’s Day is no different for actress Sneha Jain who misses her father a lot. She lost when she was only 3.

Speaking about her late father Rakesh Jain, Sneha says,”
Unfortunately I don’t have many memories with him because I lost him when I was 3 years old. I haven’t spent much time with him also because he used to work in Dubai. The saddest part is I don’t even have a picture with him. I can never define mine and his relation. Because it started and ended at the same time. I definitely wish that I would have my father beside me specially now when I am working. I have seen people around me who have their fathers with them. It’s a complete family when we have our father around. I have missed the phase of enjoying my childhood with him, celebrating birthdays and festivals with him. I sometimes wish that I could live these moments with my father too. I don’t know how that feeling is.” She also adds,”I have seen the father-daughter relationships in many families, it’s just overwhelming. Hopefully maybe somewhere someday I will be able to cherish this moment also. Daughters often want to marry a man just like their father, but for me it’s not the same so I think I would say I want to be with someone who’s exactly like my mother. I don’t have that feeling of sadness because I haven’t loved my dad fully.
But I would want to wish every father a very very happy Father’s Day. I want every son and daughter to have the best relation with their father.”


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