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Glamorous heroine Nidhi Agarwal launched ‘The Elite Hotel’ at Old Hafeezpet!

Hyderabad, June 2023The Elite Hotel” was inaugurated in a grand manner at Old Hafeez Pate, Gachibowli Road, by the hands of popular heroine Nidhi Agarwal, today. Manchiryala MLA Diwakar RaoFamous Directors Sampath Nandi and Virupaksha directors Karthik Dandu; were the chief guests for the opening ceremony of this hotel managed by B. Srinivas Reddy, Ramakrishna Reddy T, Jagadeeswar Reddy V & Vishnuvardhan Reddy.

Nidhi Agarwal, said after the inauguration of “The Elite Hotel”… The hotel is very nice to look at. The food is also very tasty. From now on i will always stay in this hotel even if I come to Hyderabad. The Elite Hotel wants to open more hotels and hotel heads B. Srinivas Reddy, Ramakrishna Reddy, T. Jagadeeswar Reddy, V. My best wishes to Vishnuvardhan Reddy’s,” he said.

Manchiryala MLA Diwakar Rao said, “I came to this program because the owners of The Elite Hotel are very desirable people. I wish this hotel a good success and express my heartfelt best wishes to the hotel management”.

Virupaksha” Director Karthik Dandu said, “The Elite Hotel” has been opened in the prime location of Hyderabad. The rooms in the hotel are very good. Food is also very authentic and tasty. Wishing the success of this hotel, my best wishes to “The Elite Hotel” he said.

The Executives of “The Elite Hotel” said “Thank you to all the guests who came to our grand opening of “The Elite Hotel”. We started this hotel with some friends. We started this hotel with a good vision. We are planning to open fifteen more hotels in different areas in the next five years. This is our first hotel. We started with 72 rooms. We offer many delicious varieties in the name of Pulau Patnam. Any corporate guest coming to Hyderabad will find our hotel very comfortable in every way. There are many shopping malls, bars and restaurants around our hotel. He said that the aim of our hotel is to provide many food varieties and comfort to the guests.


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