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No one has taken a loan in your name, keep doing this work from time to time to avoid fraud

How to check a loan on a pan card: In today’s time, whether to buy a house or a car, to marry children, or any business, a loan has to be taken for everything. Most people must have taken small loans in their life. But have you ever thought that someone else takes out a loan in your name and you don’t even know? Many such fake cases have come to the fore when a person took a loan on the basis of his PAN card. Let us know what are the ways to detect and avoid such fraud.

How does forgery happen?

Actually, scammers easily take small loans through their PAN cards and mobile number. For this, they don’t even have to get much verification done. In the recent past, many such apps have come, which provide instant loans. These apps talk about getting a personal loan in a few minutes. Instant loan providers give small loans only on PAN card and mobile numbers.

How to know if there is any loan in your name?

Many times we share our PAN or Aadhaar card with people. Since the PAN card is linked to the bank account. In this case, you can get your CIBIL score checked. Through the CIBIL score, it is known how much the loan is in your name. If someone has taken a fake loan in your name and the installments are not being paid, then your CIBIL score will drop drastically.

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What is CIBIL?

CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) is a credit score reporting organization licensed by the Reserve Bank of India. CIBIL maintains a record of all credit activities of individuals and organizations. Apart from CIBIL in India, Equifax, Experian, and CFI Highmark also provide information about credit.

You can check your credit score like this:

You can check your credit report to find out how many loans and credit cards you have in your name.

– CIBIL score can be seen with the help of a pan number. CIBIL Score can be accessed for free on the official CIBIL website

However, this facility is available only once a year. To check the CIBIL score from the CIBIL website more than once, one has to take a paid subscription plan.

For this, a subscription plan of Rs 550 per month has to be taken. Apart from the CIBIL website, the CIBIL score can also be checked from the mobile app, banking service aggregators, or non-banking institution’s website.

How to avoid this type of fraud?

If you find anything wrong with your CIBIL score and credit report, immediately report it to the credit bureau.

The easiest way to avoid this type of fraud is not to share your PAN and Aadhaar card details with any suspicious or unknown person.

If it is very important for you to share a copy of your PAN or Aadhaar card with someone, then definitely write the reason for it. While writing, write some part of that reason on your card as well so that no one else can misuse it.


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