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5 Important Things to Know Before Taking a Loan

Nowadays, many companies try to contact everyone through phone, email to give different types of loans. Many people fall into their trap without any understanding. And by taking loans without checking anything, they fall into the trap of paying huge EMIs.

Because of which neither the loan money is able to be used properly nor they are able to pay the EMI on time. Be it a loan or any other financial product, every step has to be taken very carefully. If the financial system or strategy is not right then many difficulties come together.

Businessman should be very careful especially while making his financial strategy. If you are taking a loan to take any business forward, then you need to be more careful. When the loan amount is received by a businessman, then the business uses the loan amount to further its startup or business. On the other hand, if the loan payment is not given on time, then the possibilities of many types of financial risks start increasing.

In such a situation, especially the businessman should take care of some important things before taking a loan for his business. In today’s article, we will tell you 5 such things keeping in mind that you can save yourself from loan related inconveniences and can take your business forward. So let’s know what are those 5 main things that a businessman must know before taking a loan.

Check Business Loan Interest Rate

Before taking any loan, you must check that what is the interest rate of that loan. As we all know that interest rate is applicable on the loan amount. But the interest should be such that the merchant can repay it comfortably.

Whenever you think of applying for a loan, check which bank is offering interest at what rate. In fact, many times, due to lack of information, businessmen take loans at high interest rates and when the time comes to repay the loan, they do not have the right information about it, due to which they start paying extra money.

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That’s why it is important that whenever you apply for a loan from anywhere, first of all know the interest rate applicable on that loan. If the interest rate suits you then only go ahead for the loan, otherwise apply for loan in some other company, because you have to repay the money, then the interest rate should also be according to you.

Keep in mind the pre-payment charges

Many a times, the hurry of the businessman to take the loan is so much that he agrees to take the loan without reading any document.

Most of the banks write their terms and conditions in very short words. Because of which the businessmen see big tempting offers but they forget to read the conditions attached to it or deliberately ignore them.

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It often happens that some money is needed to meet the immediate need of money in the business. When they get the loan and after some time they make profit in the business, then the businessmen want to repay the loan in one go and avoid the rest of the interest. But to repay the loan in one go, they have to pay prepayment charges.

Prepayment is the charge that is charged on repaying the loan amount before the stipulated time. You must make sure that the loan amount is free of prepayment charges from where you want to take the loan and you have read all their terms and conditions correctly.

Do Market Research

It is very important to do market research before applying for any loan. There is a lot of difference in the interest rates of different banks for loans. Only after doing a little research, you will come to know in which bank you can get loan at low interest rate.

Always take a loan from a bank with a low interest rate. Often companies do pledge some things before giving loan, so you should check them beforehand. You should also pay attention to whether the lending institution is government or private. Along with this, it is also important to take care of which institution is giving you the loan at what rate of interest and on what terms.

Fix CIBIL score

Before taking a loan, know that banks definitely check your CIBIL score before giving a loan. With this, your financial condition is estimated and you get loan easily. That’s why you should fix your CIBIL score before applying for the loan.

If there is a delay in paying the EMI, then our credit score also reduces, due to which it becomes difficult to get a loan in future. If you want to get rid of the loan interest, then you can prepay your business loan, this also helps in improving your civil score.

Check Loan Repayment Deadline

Often business people look excited to take loan as soon as possible considering the need of their business. They also do not check that what is the time limit for repaying the loan. If the time limit for repaying the loan is too short or too long, then your interest rates increase due to which you may have to face a lot of difficulties in repaying the loan. Therefore, fix such a time limit for repaying the loan, which is easy for you.

The best option for a businessman is a business loan. By taking care of these 5 things, you can fulfill the financial needs of your business and give a new identity to your business.


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