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National Innovation Day – February 16, 2023 

“Innovation has been a driving force behind the phenomenal growth of the Indian IT sector. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic world, innovation is not just a nice-to-have but a necessity for businesses to remain agile and competitive in the global market. With a growing talent pool and an expanding technology ecosystem, the increased establishment of R&D centres has enabled companies to create innovative solutions and leverage next-gen technologies like low-code development platforms. At Pega, with our latest innovations like ‘sustainable low-code’ to minimize waste and ‘Voice AI,’ we are looking to integrate the capabilities of AI and low-code, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and create new growth opportunities. Digital capabilities, next-gen technology, and engineering form the core of our operations, helping us to nurture innovative solutions at every point of interaction. Leaders must build an ecosystem that fosters innovation through consistent learning and collaboration, thereby accelerating the growth of today’s dynamic enterprises and preparing them for the future.

The Indian IT industry has always been at the forefront of innovative thinking and introducing new technologies and services that have revolutionized how we live and work. The onset of the pandemic has pushed us to be innovators and as the adoption of these technologies continues to grow, the future looks bright for the Indian IT industry.”

By Deepak Visweswaraiah

Vice President, Platform Engineering, and Site Managing Director,

Pegasystems, India

 About Innovation Day

Innovation Day (16th February) is dedicated to lauding these accomplishments and achievements! This day aims to highlight the tremendous contributions in the advancements in technology and cheer on the individuals who are actively pushing the envelope on what can be done and what is possible.

Companies all over the world are constantly innovating to enhance user experience, revamp business proficiency, bettering society through technology, whilst consistently challenging the status quo. What sets companies apart is that they look at present knowledge and technology and then aim to see beyond their present applications.


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