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5 Business Ideas Under 10000 Rupees in India

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn good money, that’s why most people think of doing their own business. But the dream of doing business remains only a dream for most people because they do not have enough money to do business.

But today we will tell you about 5 such business ideas that you can start with just Rs 10,000. Not only this, these businesses start with less investment but after some time you can earn a lot from this. In today’s changing times, it has become very important to create your own identity. In such a situation, you can start these business ideas and fulfill your dreams.

So let’s know about some such business which you can start with a cost of 10 thousand.

Tiffin Service

Nowadays many students and job professionals leave their homes in different cities and go to other cities. People have to move from one city to another in search of work. In such a situation, he remembers most of the food at home with his family. In such a situation, if you are fond of cooking, then you can fulfill this need of the people. Also, you can earn some money through this. The most important thing about this business is that you can start it from home at a cost of less than ten thousand.

Wedding Planner

In a country like India, weddings and parties are organized throughout the year. There is so much work in marriage houses that it is not possible to complete it alone. In such a situation, people take the help of vending planners.

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If you are hardworking as well as creative, then you should think about starting a business related to wedding planning. In this business, you can organize any function by taking advance payment. In today’s era of social media, there has been a lot of boom in this business. Because nowadays many people are very excited to make their wedding occasion perfect and for this, they are ready to pay a lot of money. That’s why you can start a wedding planner business and earn lakhs.

Fitness Instructor

In today’s changing lifestyle, everyone is becoming conscious about their health. In such a situation, if you are also one of those people who stay fit and are adept at motivating others to do the same, then this business can be a great option for you.

For this, you can offer your services as a fitness trainer for people sitting at home through both offline and online mediums. The Government of India is also encouraging people in this. In view of this, the Government of India is opening more and more wellness centers in the country under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Seeing this, it would not be wrong to guess that there is a lot of potential for development in the field of fitness in India. You do not even need to invest much money in this.

Crutch Service

Most of the couples are working in metro cities like Delhi Mumbai Bangalore. In such a situation, taking care of children becomes the biggest challenge. In such a situation, they require their child’s play home, which is called a crutch, where the child stays throughout the day.

If you want to do business with very less investment, then it will be a very good business. You can even start it from your home. You just have to take good care of the kids. To start on a small scale, you can invest Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 in small toys, small chairs, hammocks, tables, room decorations, etc. But for this, you have to take permission from your local authority. After which you can earn good money.

Flower Farming

If you have enough space then you can start a flower farming business. There is no need to invest much in this, after sowing the seeds, you have to apply cow dung manure which is available at a very cheap price. In this, you can earn a good amount of money per month. To do flower farming, you have to collect all the information about the flower farming business. After doing market research, see at which location you will cultivate flowers. Apart from fertilizers, you can also use other modern equipment to increase the production of flower farming. This is a very profitable business with low cost.

You can earn lakhs of rupees with the help of these 5 business ideas. You can start this business with a cost of only 10 thousand rupees and fulfill your dreams.


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