Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mask TV OTT Presents: New Year’s Gift – Free Streaming of ‘Bilal’!

In a short period, Mask TV OTT has managed to secure a significant viewership and claimed the title of number one OTT platform on the Apple Store last month with a 4.8 rating. The beauty of this platform lies in its diverse collection of films and web series catering to audiences of every taste.

Mask TV OTT has maintained its dominance in this competitive era by consistently airing new films that align with the expectations of various audience segments. Now, towards the end of the year, a new gift is being presented to the viewers by this OTT platform.

The free streaming of the film “Bilal” on Mask TV is a gesture of appreciation for the audience. Mansie Bhatt, the creative director of Mask TV OTT, describes “Bilal” as the story of a warrior who faced numerous struggles in his childhood. He was thrown out of his home with his younger sister and had to fight through his hardships. Eventually, Bilal triumphs over his struggles and reclaims his lost kingdom.

“Bilal” is an animated film based on true events, and it is hoped that just like the previous projects that received immense love from the audience, Bilal will also receive similar adoration.

Mask TV OTT has completed a year this month and has managed to establish a solid identity among viewers in just one year. Mānsī Bhaṭṭ mentions that they released a film on this platform during the Cricket World Cup, which was widely appreciated by the audience. This indicates that if your content is compelling, audiences will undoubtedly flock to watch it.


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