Monday, July 15, 2024

Actor Karan Thakur is in love with the beauty of city Munnar, Mesmerized by it’s scenic greenery!

Karan Thakur who is an Actor, Anchor and Voice artist loves his profession as it makes him travel various places for his work. Recently the Actor went to Kerala for his shoot for an International Car brand Ad film. The shoot took place in lush green hills of Munnar which is also famous for its tea plantations and unmatched scenic views.

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I was in Munnar for 3 days and the entire Ad film was an outdoor shoot set up so we were fortunate enough to see the beautiful valley covered with coffee, tea and spice plantations, the misty hillsides sheltering so many endangered species of wildlife and watching stunning waterfalls was a refreshing experience. But the most refreshing was the pure & unpolluted air. – Karan Thakur quotes.

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He also adds. being a tea lover I believe Munnar is the perfect place to buy high quality fresh tea. One can search for different flavors of tea in Munnar. Also there are small roadside shops and markets which are quite budget friendly as well.

Karan Thakur concludes by quoting “The beauty of Munnar along with its Aroma will stay with me for long”.


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