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Apple Store: India’s first Apple Store opened, know its specialty in 10 points

India’s First Apple Store: The first Apple Store of iPhone maker Apple has opened in India. It has been opened under the name Apple BKC at Jio World Drive Mall in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. The special thing is that Apple CEO Tim Cook has specially come to India for its inauguration and he welcomed the customers.

It is being said that the Apple Store is quite different from all other smartphone stores. It has been specially designed keeping in mind the Indian culture, in which artwork from many different states can be seen. So let’s know what are the special things about India’s First Apple Store.

1. Apple’s first store has been opened in India to celebrate the completion of 25 years of this company. It has been opened at Reliance Jio World Drive Mall in Bandra Kurla Complex on the occasion of 25th anniversary. After this, its second store is going to open in Saket, Delhi on 20th April.

2. Apple’s new outlet in India shows the company’s efforts to ‘Indianize’ it. The outlet opened in Mumbai is decked up in black and yellow colors inspired by Mumbai’s famous taxis.

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3. The store’s roof consists of 1,000 tiles and each tile is made from 408 pieces of wood, making 31 modules. It is so attractive that it is attracting everyone’s attention. The stairs made of stainless steel are close to 14 meters and connect to the first floor.

4. Apple BKC has used solar array for store operation. Fossil fuel (diesel-petrol) will not be used in this at all. The store is thus operationally carbon neutral, running on 100 percent renewable energy.

5. There are also two stone walls here, whose stone has been specially brought from Rajasthan. The entire store is spread over 20,000 sq ft, for which the company will pay Rs 42 lakh per month with an annual increase of 15 per cent.


6. Apple BKC houses a 100-member team, which can speak 18 Indian languages, to make it easier to reach out to people who speak different languages.

7. Indian customers will be able to interact with the company’s AI service ‘Apple ‘Genius’ at the Apple BKC store. This facility is exactly the same as the one offered in the Apple Store abroad. From Apple’s Genius, customers can get information about any product of the company.

8. In Apple BKC, customers can buy new iPhones and other products of the company. Also, buyers can exchange their old iPhones, Mac, iPad for new ones. It is available under the Trade In program.

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9. According to Apple, this store is also giving rise to employment in India. Apple directly employs 2500 people in India and helps create 1 million jobs through its app ecosystem.

10. The store will also host “Today at Apple”, hosted by professionals, creators or Apple employees. The highlight of this session will be the inclusion of workshops by artists, photographers and other creative professionals.


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