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Ecobillz plans to foray into European Market through UK base

Karnataka, 18th April 2023: Ecobillz, the AI-led digital automation platform has targeted entry into the European market through establishing a base in the UK. The market expansion foray came at a time when the start-up is looking for newer market access and greater business avenues. As Ecobillz aims for sustainability through paperless digitization and efficient backend management through its smart AI solutions, the start-up believes that this is right time to test the waters outside India.

Dr. Ameet Patil, Tech. Entrepreneur & Founder, CEO of Ecobillz Private Limited, said, “We have always targeted hospitality industry through our product and Europe and Africa are hotbeds of tourism with the market alone offering nearly 6000 premium and luxury hotels, which we can target immediately. In India, Ecobillz is a well-known brand in the hotel industry with reasonably good market penetration. We are in the right frame of time to build on this goodwill and venture outside the geography. The UK entity Ecobillz Limited has been set up in February and we are testing the market structure, software usage, behavioral patterns, user feedback of Europe, while tweaking our product to fit the demand there. Market Survey and fine-tuning the product to fit a developed market like Europe is a stringent task, and we hope to offer a customized product to the hospitality industry soon.”

“Also given the fact that the global economy is in recession, this is a good time to invest and build up on the next business growth. Within the next six months, we plan to setup an entity in Dubai as well to cater to Hotels in the Middle East market. It is essential for businesses to be dynamic—and new plans help us to invest in variable markets, thus bringing down risk on investment,” Dr. Patil added.

In India, Ecobillz has been growing more than three times with revenues doubling every year, since inception with 200+ hotels as customers. Big banners of the hospitality industry are all customers of Ecobillz and the start-up hopes that business in Europe and/or Middle East through these big brands will be a natural progression.

“Though the brand of customers remains same, the demand of these same customers change in different markets as the existing software are not similar nor are the rules and regulations same. Efficiency through automation that can rule out man-made errors and provide efficient systems. This is a global need, and there is no reason why a product like Ecobillz that is non-intrusive but agile will not be acceptable. Establishing a base in UK will ensure the service structure for the entire European market,” Dr. Patil said.

Incidentally, a major Hotel Group, headquartered in France, has an agreement with Ecobillz, giving them access to hotels in Africa, Middle East, and the Indian region.

Designed to be least intrusive of technologies that can be installed as a plug-n-play digitization module requiring no change in existing PMS/POS software, Ecobillz solutions can be integrated within the existing system for being implemented immediately. As the platform magically works with any PMS and POS software without requiring any tight integration, its implementation cost is also affordable to businesses.

Ecobillz has the ability to seamlessly collate and aggregate documents, data and/or reports from any source (software/web portal/folder/email/server) and coordinate with multiple devices to update the system without failure. The solution enables world-class automation for every documentation in business – right from income audit, approval workflows, reconciliation and account receivables to improve operational efficiency and gain huge time and cost benefits. In the process it has the capacity to generate and empower the management with in-depth visibility of the business at any given time.

About Ecobillz

Founded by Ameet Patil and Nitesh Singh Rathore in 2016, Ecobillz is an AI-led Digitization SaaS platform that digitises, collects, aggregates data and builds complex back-office automation systems. The product, connects with the existing systems and software, accessing the data and streamlining them onto Ecobillz platform to ease the document management process in large organisations.  The platform aims to build the technology that can read, accumulate documents and store data in real-time, thus leading to an efficient digitised document management system.

Ecobillz has firmly established itself as a trusted partner of the Indian hospitality industry and is working with the businesses to fine tune and personalise the requirements of India’s leading Hotel chains. Ecobillz has already provided options like sending Registration card via email or WhatsApp in advance; providing access to all invoices/documents on guest’s phone, verification of resident and non-resident guests, accessing digital Food and Beverage menu on guest’s phone and providing payment options online.


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