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Indian Tea Blogger Ashita Agrawal Showcased at IKEA Copenhagen

Mumbai – August 28, 2023 – Ashita Agrawal, a renowned tea blogger hailing from India, has taken center stage in the media display at IKEA Copenhagen, Denmark. This remarkable feature is part of the innovative campaign titled “Store Who You Are” by IKEA, which aims to spotlight real storage solutions from real individuals.

Ashita Agrawal has made a significant impact on the world of tea enthusiasts through her influential blog –, where she shares her passion for tea, her exploration of diverse blends, and her insights into the cultural and historical aspects of tea consumption. Her inclusion in IKEA’s latest campaign resonates with the brand’s commitment to celebrating unique stories and real experiences.

The “Store Who You Are” campaign embodies IKEA’s dedication to showcasing real-life solutions that people have incorporated into their daily lives. By highlighting individuals like Ashita Agrawal, who have translated their passions into tangible lifestyle choices, the campaign underlines the idea that every person’s home should reflect their personality, dreams, and aspirations.

Ashita’s media display at the IKEA Copenhagen store captures the essence of her love for tea. The exhibit features an array of elegantly designed tea accessories, carefully curated by Ashita and the IKEA team, along with her photo. Visitors to the store are treated not only to an aesthetically pleasing arrangement but also to a glimpse into Ashita’s journey and her dedication to the art of tea.

Ashita Agrawal expressed her gratitude for being featured in the campaign, stating, “Tea has been an integral part of my life, and having the opportunity to share my journey at the IKEA store is truly an honor. It’s wonderful to see a brand like IKEA valuing personal stories and encouraging people to embrace their true selves.”

The media display featuring Ashita Agrawal’s tea-inspired collection will be available for viewing at the IKEA Copenhagen store and also their global website

About IKEA:

IKEA is a globally recognized home furnishings brand known for its innovative and affordable products. With a commitment to making everyday life better for people around the world, IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed and functional furniture, accessories, and decor items.



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