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Colors Queen: a revolution challenging the societal norms.

  • Unveiling COLORS QUEEN: Where Ethical Beauty Becomes a Reality

New Delhi, Date 28/08/2023: COLORS QUEEN, the revolutionary ethical beauty brand, is making headlines with its heartfelt origins and visionary founders, Dilip Motwani and Nitin Panjwani. This dynamic duo’s journey from sacrifice to launching an inclusive makeup brand is a testament to their unwavering commitment to integrity and innovation.


Dilip Motwani’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. From a tender age of 9, he embarked on a remarkable path of responsibility, shouldering the needs of his family due to the absence of a father figure. It was his unwavering spirit and determination that laid the foundation for his relentless pursuit of ethical excellence. In his early 20s, Motwani explored the cosmetic industry, eager to channel his passion into meaningful work. However, what he discovered was a disheartening side of unethical practices that had a negative impact on the industry’s reputation.

Determined to bring about change, Dilip Motwani made a courageous stand against these unethical practices. His voice, though initially disregarded, grew stronger and more resolute. In an act of unwavering conviction, he left his job, the only means to his survival to pave a new path – one that aligns with his values and aspirations. In an incredible display of commitment, he sold his own house and family’s inherited gold to fund the venture, illustrating his unwavering belief in his vision for COLORS QUEEN. Thus, COLORS QUEEN was born – not just as a cosmetics brand, but as a movement that stands for ethical beauty and inclusivity.

Joining forces with Dilip, co-founder Nitin Panjwani’s journey adds another layer of inspiration. His struggles were pronounced as he left his secure career in the automotive sector to join forces with Dilip. Nitin’s specialization in supply chain and related fields has been instrumental in shaping COLORS QUEEN’s operational efficiency, while his personal journey embodies the brand’s ethos of determination. With a track record of navigating complex logistical challenges, Nitin ensures that COLORS QUEEN operates with precision, sustainability, and a keen sense of responsibility.

Together, Dilip and Nitin are challenging norms, inviting everyone to be part of a transformative journey towards responsible and empowering beauty.

Redefining Beauty Standards and Trends

At the core of COLORS QUEEN’s values is the belief that makeup is for everyone, transcending gender stereotypes. The brand champions the idea that makeup is not limited to women or men but is for all humans, embracing individuality and welcoming diversity. It also takes an ethical stance by producing cruelty-free products. The brand’s commitment to respecting all forms of life echoes its unwavering dedication to integrity and compassion.

A Commitment to Quality and Affordability

The vision is clear – luxury should be accessible to all. Founded on the principle that beauty should know no bounds, the brand is breaking down barriers that provide luxury to a selected sector. COLORS QUEEN brings a breath of fresh air to the industry, where every individual is welcomed to indulge in the splendor of high-quality beauty products without the hefty price tag.

The driving force behind COLORS QUEEN’s mission is the belief that everyone deserves to experience luxury, regardless of their budget. The brand recognizes that beauty isn’t just about outer appearances, but also about the confidence and empowerment that come from feeling your best.

A Ray of Innovation

A revolution is being started by Colors Queen, which already offers over 500 products. This vast selection includes everything a beauty enthusiast could want, from basic cosmetics to current fashion statements. However, the journey doesn’t end here. About 150 additional products are expected to be added to Colors Queen over the upcoming months, further enhancing its status as a one-stop shop for beauty enthusiasts.

From luscious lip shades to captivating eye palettes and beyond, COLORS QUEEN Cosmetics is your ticket to an affordable journey of self-expression and beauty. Experience the thrill of luxury without the financial burden, as COLORS QUEEN paves the way for beauty enthusiasts to explore, experiment, and embrace their uniqueness.


COLORS QUEEN is a revolutionary beauty  brand that believes in the power of makeup for all genders. Our mission is to provide luxurious high-end beauty products at affordable prices, making them accessible to everyone. We celebrate individuality, self-confidence, and inclusivity, offering a thoughtfully curated range of products that empower you to express your unique style.

Join us in redefining beauty standards and experiencing the thrill of luxury without compromise.

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