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Harrdy Sandhu’s Kolkata Concert Postponed: Bhagwat Gita Recitation Event Causes Rescheduling

Punjabi Pop Star’s Nationwide Tour

Punjabi pop sensation and actor Harrdy Sandhu has been sweeping across India with his inaugural nationwide tour dubbed ‘In My Feelings’, presented by Imperial Blue Super Nights. His recent spellbinding performance in Mumbai on December 17 garnered immense adoration from fans nationwide.

Kolkata Concert Rescheduling

Originally slated for a riveting concert in Kolkata on December 24, Sandhu’s plans have encountered a hiccup. His show unfortunately stands canceled due to an imminent Bhagwat Gita recitation event slated to gather an audience exceeding one lakh participants. In response to this significant event, the musician has opted to postpone his show, promising a prompt announcement of the rescheduled date.

Statement from Event Organizers

Avadh Nagpal, Designated Partner at Souldout Events LLP, expressed regret over the necessity to reschedule, stating, “It was truly unfortunate for us to reschedule the ongoing tour. There’s a major event coming up in Kolkata due to which we had to move our dates. We will be back in the city soon, offering fans a one-of-a-kind musical experience.”

Upcoming Plans and Fan Anticipation

Meanwhile, Sandhu is prepping for his upcoming concert in Jaipur on December 31, where he intends to welcome the New Year with his fervent fans. The anticipation among fans in Jaipur is palpable, while those in Kolkata eagerly await the announcement of the new concert date.

Artistic Ventures

Aside from his musical endeavors, Sandhu recently introduced his latest EP titled ‘Pleasures’, earning praise and applause from his audience for its artistic merit and thematic content.


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