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Bike Care Tips: Due to these mistakes the clutch of the bike gets damaged, know what should not be done

The clutch plate plays a special role in the bike, if the clutch plate of the bike gets damaged then it can become difficult to ride the bike. The clutch plate of the bike also depends on the rider. While riding the bike, we do not take care of the clutch plate, due to which it starts wearing and the bike becomes difficult to move. It is not only a hassle to change the clutch plate again and again, but you also have to shell out money. So let us tell you today which of your mistakes cause the clutch plate to wear quickly and how you can fix it.

1. Do not release the clutch suddenly

It is often seen that people are driving at high speed and use brakes and clutch to stop the vehicle immediately. Which is not correct. To apply brakes properly, first bring the bike to low speed and then apply brakes using the clutch.

2. Change gear at the right time

If you are riding a bike and have to change gear then this is also the right time. Some people do not change gear while riding a bike in traffic, due to which the clutch plate gets damaged. While riding a bike, the gear should be changed according to the speed. If the bike is in high speed then shift to higher gear and at low speed ride the bike in lower gear.

3. Maintain balance between clutch and race

It has often been seen that while riding a bike, people ride the bike by pressing half the clutch or sometimes they race by pressing the clutch. By doing this there is a strong possibility of the clutch plates getting damaged. Not only this, clutch plates can get burnt. And if you ride the bike continuously like this, the clutch plate will get completely damaged.

4. Fill in the right engine oil

Putting wrong engine oil in the bike also causes the clutch plates to get damaged quickly. Do not make the mistake of putting scooter engine oil in the bike or bike engine oil in the scooter. Always fill the same engine oil as recommended by the company. Clutch plates also get worn out due to not filling the engine oil in the right quantity or not changing the engine oil for a long time.

5. Choose the right route

Although the problem of traffic jam is everywhere, but by using Google Map you will know about the clear roads. In such a situation, you should ride the bike on an empty road, this will reduce the use of clutch. Apart from this, never drive the vehicle at low or high speed and also avoid carrying heavy load as this also affects the clutch plate.


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