Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bigg Boss Update: Soniya Bansal Advises Sana Raees Khan to Avoid Instigating Abhishek Kumar

Actress Soniya Bansal continues to assert herself within the Bigg Boss house. Her presence and assertiveness are unmistakable. She not only articulates her opinions clearly but also takes it upon herself to guide her friends when they err.

In the latest episode, she was seen having a heartfelt conversation with Anurag Dobhal, cautioning him about his approach towards Tehelka. Anurag was advising Tehelka not to yield to Neil Bhat and to exercise restraint in responding to others. However, Soniya intervened to advise him otherwise. Later in the evening, when speaking with Sana Raees Khan, she defended Abhishek Kumar and urged Sana not to provoke him. She openly pointed out that Sana’s actions were seemingly designed to draw attention.

Moreover, Soniya was spotted enjoying her time with Arun Srikanth Mashettey and Vicky Jain. She also worked diligently in the kitchen to ensure that all the housemates had ample time for their cooking endeavors.


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