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Best of the ideas can’t become a reality till they finds a voice, as management professionals you are going to provide soul to those ideas : Rajat Ojha, CEO, Gamitronics

  • Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management hosts its Twenty-Eighth Convocation!

Hyderabad, 27th May 2023The Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) hosted the 28th Convocation with solemn grandeur at the Bachupally campus of the Institute. The Chief Guest Mr. Rajat Ojha, CEO, Gamitronics, Hyderabad; delivered the Convocation address and later presented medals and prizes to the meritorious students.

 Mr. Rajat Ojha, delivering the convocational address said, whatever you do, a job or initiate your own endeavours, never stop thinking of ways to make life simpler. There is no template to success, nobody can tell you this is how you get success, because my situations, my resources, my time, everything is or can be very different from yours. Both success and failure stories are as unique as you and I are. Don’t follow anything or anyone blindly, just keep learning and stick to the foundations and equip yourself to deal with the unique situations you run into, keep patience and structural thinking going. Consider the time you spent here at this Institute as the womb, where you were nurtured, prepared and well taken care off. Construction and deconstructions are essential part of life, you will survive everything and one day you will probably stand here or any other stage sharing what kept you strong and going. My suggestion is, not to take life seriously, but take the task in your hand seriously. Whatever you start, give your hundred percent and finish it, you should realise that the outcome is not in your hand. The goal itself is of limited importance, it’s the process that matters. If you don’t enjoy the work in hand, if you don’t like going to work every day, the fact that you are driven to it in a Mercedes or BMW, its not going to make it any more pleasant. But never stop having fun, whatever you do. Happiness is always around you even in the worst possible situations, but you can’t see happiness with a clouded mind, also nobody can define that this is the culmination of happiness, you may possess all that is thought to bring happiness, but the parameters of happiness are absolutely individual. If we are talking about AI, one should realise that AI works on outdated data, things which were done and not the ones which will be done. You are the ones, who are going to frame the future, you are going to define the future of this nation, you are going to be the link between ideas and change. Lot of innovative people have amazing ideas, but they don’t know how to market them, you are going to be the spokesperson. No idea can become a reality till it finds a voice and as management professionals you are going to provide soul to those ideas. By choosing the field that you have chosen you acquired an essential qualification to practice an indispensable profession. In conclusion, you are embarking on a most exciting journey, the world out there is fiercely competitive, but you should have no fear, as you have been tempered by one of the most vigorous programs in the world and are ready to show your mettle.  

 The Director, VJIM, Dr. Ch.S. Durga Prasad in his address while welcoming the guests said, this graduating batch is unique because most of their program was on the online mode. Most of the classmates have not met in person. They recognise their friends by the familiarity of the name. As much as they have been waiting for this occasion to catch up with each other, we have also been waiting to have them back on the campus.  He also said quality and integrity are the core values that define Vignana Jyothi institutions. VJIM maintains a very active institute-industry interface to provide experiential learning to the students by regularly organising conferences, seminars, and guest lectures. He also briefed the achievements of the Institution and faculty.

 The Vice-President of Vignana Jyothi, Mr. Kode Durga Prasad, said, it is indeed a momentous occasion for the Class of 2022 and their parents. My heartfelt congratulations to all of you and a special commendation for those receiving awards and medals for their outstanding achievementsHe said, we live in an era in which disruptions caused by climate change, technological disruptions, demographic shifts, fractured and a multi-nodal world, social instability, global pandemics, and other trends threaten the survival of nations, organizations, and individuals and at the same time open up significant new opportunities for those that embrace them successfully. I would like to briefly touch upon some of these megatrends but not in any particular order that will impact our lives. After more than 10 millennia of relative stability, the Earth’s climate is changing. As average temperatures rise, acute hazards such as heat waves and floods grow in frequency and severity, and chronic hazards, such as drought and rising sea levels, intensify.  Unfortunately, India has the world’s highest social cost of carbon.

 The emergence of Applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) has triggered immense interest in recent times. Several discussions and debates are raging across the world on the potential beneficial and detrimental impacts of this disruptive technology on society.  The fact that regular disruptions will become a norm or ‘business as usual’ is beyond doubt.  The questions that you need to really answer are whether you will find yourself invigorated or frustrated with disruptions and what key skills and attributes you must cultivate in order to take on the challenges posed by these disruptions, opined Mr. Kode Durga Prasad. He emphasized about the three leadership skills crucial for working in this complex and volatile environment of Ability to learn and adapt; Experimentation and Innovation and Resilience.

 The program was also attended by the General Secretary, Vignana Jyothi, Sri. J. S. Rao, Chairman, VJIM, Sri. K. Harishchandra Prasad.


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