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Aswini Bajaj: A Visionary Finance Professional and Influential Educator Making a Global Impact

Aswini Bajaj, a highly accomplished finance professional, renowned educator, and corporate coach, is leaving an indelible mark in the world of finance and education on a global scale. With a vast array of qualifications, including more than 12 educational degrees such as CA, CS, CFA, FRM, CAIA, CIPM, CFP, RV, CCRA, CIIB, CIRA, and AIM, Bajaj has emerged as a prominent figure in the field, sharing his expertise with over 25,000 students across 100 countries. His illustrious career is marked by significant milestones, including a decade of mentoring finance students, training over 12,000 students in Personal Finance (recognized in the “International Books of Record”), and being honored as the Best Finance Trainer in India by the India Education Awards in 2019. In 2021, Bajaj was recognized as one of the top 40 finance trainers in India.

As the CEO of Leveraged Growth, a niche financial consultancy established in 2016, Bajaj leads a team specializing in research, strategy, valuations, consulting, advisory, and training services. Leveraged Growth caters to over 150 domestic and international start-ups spanning 50+ industries, including FinTech, InsurTech, EdTech, RealtyTech, LegalTech, LogiTech, AI & Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, FMCG, Oil & Gas, and more. Noteworthy companies such as Barclays, TATA, and Grasim have benefited from Bajaj’s corporate training expertise.

Aswini Bajaj

Bajaj’s expertise has garnered attention from various media outlets, including Zee Business, RSTV Channel, ANI News, Business Line, The Week, The Indian Wire, The Economic Times, and Sudarshan News. These outlets have recognized his contributions to the finance industry, and Bajaj has shared his insights on investments through published interviews and authored content for organizations like BSE.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Bajaj is an avid reader and passionate traveler who integrates his love for exploration with his work. His commitment to personal growth and global connections is evident in his interactions with students, faculty, and industry professionals.

In addition to his various endeavors, Bajaj mentors students worldwide, providing professional training in courses such as CFA, FRM, CA, advanced Excel, corporate decks, and financial modeling.

As a highly sought-after speaker, Bajaj has delivered lectures, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and sessions at nearly 100 esteemed institutions and organizations, including IITs, IIMs, XLRI Jamshedpur, SP Jain, MDI Gurgaon, ISB Hyderabad, ICAI, AIESEC, and Startup India – an initiative by the Indian Government. His areas of expertise encompass personal finance, careers in finance, startups, valuations, equity research, GDPI, productivity, and more.

Aswini Bajaj

Recently, Bajaj released a noteworthy journal titled “Invest In Yourself,” designed for introspection, goal-setting, learning, planning, and self-improvement in over 40 sections. This journal serves as a reality check to help individuals grow personally, professionally, and financially, bringing them closer to achieving their goals.

Bajaj’s commitment to knowledge sharing extends to organizing flagship finance-based competitions for individuals pursuing finance professions at various academic levels. He believes in fostering partnerships with institutions to promote education and empowerment, especially in Tier II-III cities.

With a strong online presence, Bajaj has established multiple websites and social media profiles to connect with his audience. He actively engages with followers on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.


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