Sunday, June 16, 2024

World Environment Day- a quote from Ms Aditi Balbir, Co-founder, EcoRatings

According to Ms Aditi Balbir, Co-founder, EcoRatings “Climate disasters are upon us and yet countries, companies and people are slow to change. What is that one thing that will make a difference? GenAI technologies can analyse vast sets of unrelated data, create patterns and give us insights in real-time, to make decisions NOW! For example – what is the quality of our soil, what are the unique techniques for regeneration specific to small and large farmers? Where is the new desert likely to emerge? What land is subject to which sort of climate risk? And how can it be mitigated? GenAI gives insights into a specific location, using macro data, satellite imagery and factors unique to a particular part of the world. GenAI is how we protect our land, and create our future.”


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