Monday, July 15, 2024

Why did Actor Sanjeev Jaiswal refuse for Shahid Kapoor’s Film “Kabir Singh” ?

It is said that saying no is the most difficult thing, but the person who has the courage to say no once, gets its benefits later. Such was the case with versatile actor Sanjeev Jaiswal, who played the main villain in Ram Gopal Varma’s ” The Attacks of 26/11″, when he had to refuse to accept a pivotal role in Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh.

Yes, Sanjeev Jaiswal was also seen in the blockbuster film Kabir Singh, which did business of hundreds of crores, but at the same time he had another assignment and he had to refuse that role. But Sanjeev Jaiswal does not regret at all that he kept on being a part of a film like Kabir Singh. Rather he considers it as a game of luck and now soon he is going to be seen as a hero in the Hindi film “Court Kachari”.

Actor Sanjeev Jaiswal who has worked with seasoned actors like Nana Patekar will be seen in a completely positive role in the upcoming film “Court Kachari” which is a complete contrast to his role in Ram Gopal Varma’s ” The Attacks of 26/11″ and is bound to enthrall the audience. .

Sanjeev Jaiswal also loves to write stories, that is why two books of his stories “Borivalli to Bandra” and “Aasmaan Andha Hai” have become popular after being published .


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