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What is WhatsApp? Tips to increase business through WhatsApp

You must have seen many times that when you order something from an e-commerce platform, its details are immediately sent to your WhatsApp. There was a time when WhatsApp was used only to communicate with loved ones. But, as technology is increasing, their use is also increasing.

Like Facebook and Instagram, many companies are now using WhatsApp to expand their business and reach customers easily. In today’s article, know how you can grow your business using WhatsApp and reach your customers easily –

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging app similar to Facebook Messenger, which was launched by Brian Acton and Jan Koum on February 24, 2009 in California, USA. WhatsApp soon became popular among people due to its easy text, audio and video messaging and many other features. Later in 2014, Facebook’s parent company Meta bought it.

You can use WhatsApp in these areas

Before using WhatsApp to increase business, know in which areas of business we can use WhatsApp –

Customer Support :

No customer likes to wait for any problem or any kind of support. In such a situation, if the customer has to wait for any help, then he will move away from that company and will go to some other company next time. In such a situation, if you provide quick support to the customer on WhatsApp itself, it can be very beneficial for your business.

Customer Communication:

To grow your business, the most important thing is to always stay connected with your customers. You can use WhatsApp for this. You can tell about your new products or services on WhatsApp. Apart from this, you can tell about new offers, status of their orders etc.

Marketing and Promotion:

Marketing and promotion play an important role in growing business. You can use WhatsApp for this. You can send personalized promotional messages to your targeted customers.

Apart from this, you can tell about new products, some offers and special offers. Apart from this, information about personalized offers can be sent to customers on WhatsApp on their birthday, anniversary and some special days.

Tips To Increase Business Through Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a great tool to grow your business and reach your customers easily. Know some tips by which you can grow your business using WhatsApp –

Optimization of profile:

There is a saying in English “first impression is the last impression”, so if you also want to make a great first impression in the minds of your customers, then optimize your profile on WhatsApp.

Enter information about your business name, phone number, business details etc. Its objective should be that as soon as a customer connects with you through WhatsApp, there is no need for him to go anywhere else.

Business Catalog :

When you go to a store without a catalogue, it will take you a lot of time, whereas shopping with a catalog is much easier. Therefore, to improve the experience of your customers, create a detailed and attractive catalog of your products and send it to all your customers on WhatsApp from time to time. In WhatsApp Business, you can add your products and divide them into different categories.

Auto message and auto reply creation:

Suppose you have thousands of customers connected to you on WhatsApp, then it is not possible that you can respond to everyone’s messages on time and in the right manner. For this you will have to create auto message and auto reply. There are many such software available, using which you can create the facility of auto message and auto reply.

Broadcast and group creation:

There is an amazing feature of creating groups and broadcast groups on WhatsApp. In this you do not need to send separate messages to every customer. Instead, you can create a group and send a common message to everyone in it. Apart from this, you can also create a broadcast group, in this you can send a message to everyone together, but this message is received personally by the recipient.

Use of WhatsApp Business:

There are two types of WhatsApp, first is normal WhatsApp and second is WhatsApp business. Normally people use the first one, WhatsApp, whereas all the businesses use WhatsApp Business. There are many features in it which are not there in normal WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a good tool for small business, the use of which is very beneficial. By using this you can increase your customer’s experience and generate good leads.


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