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What are Decacorn Startups? Know how many Indian startups have achieved this position

Ever since people have started knowing and hearing about Startups, Unicorn is often mentioned. The startup whose valuation exceeds 1 billion dollars i.e. ₹ 8200 crore is called Unicorn Startup. But do you know which startups are called Decacorn and what are their characteristics? Let us know about Decacorn and see how many such startups are there in India.

 What are Decacorn Startups?

Decacorn startups are those whose valuation exceeds 10 billion dollars i.e. about Rs 83,300 crore. A startup has to work very hard to reach this level. Only after years of hard work does a startup achieve this milestone. Now the question is whether any Indian startup has been able to reach this level?

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How many Decacorn startups are there in India?

The government had released some figures regarding decacorn. According to the data till January 2023, 47 companies across the world have touched the Dekacorn level. If we talk about India, according to government data, a total of 5 startups have become decacorns here. These 5 decacorn startups of India are Flipkart, BYJU’s, Nykaa, Swiggy and PhonePe.

Which investors have invested in India’s Decacorn startups?

Investors like Tiger Global, SoftBank, Lightspeed, Accel and Peak XV Partners have invested money in India’s decacorn startups. Although many investors have invested money in these decacorns, but these are some selected big investors.

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How many years does it take for a startup to become Dekacorn?

How many years will it take for a startup to become a decacorn or a unicorn will depend on how fast it is growing. Besides, it will also depend on how unique the idea is and whether there is any competition for it or not. Various circumstances also depend to a great extent. As the funding winter is going on right now, it is not easy to become a unicorn or decacorn i.e. to achieve such a big valuation. Actually, the valuation is decided by the funding round itself and right now the funding has almost stopped.


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