Sunday, June 23, 2024

Viruss & Brown Gal Unleash the Ultimate Party Anthem ‘Party Karna Shauk Hai’ Presented by Tips Official!

Get ready to heat up the dance floor this party season with “Party Karna Shauk Hai,” a musical extravaganza featuring Viruss and Brown Gal, presented by Tips Official. This chartbuster, set to be the ultimate party anthem of 2023, blends Viruss’s addictive rap and Brown Gal’s explosive vocals.

With Ullumanati’s music composition and lyrics, along with Ashish Rai’s directorial touch, the song guarantees a euphoric experience. Viruss, known for his debut in “Bam Bhole” with Akshay Kumar, expresses, “Party Karna Shauk Hai is a celebration of life, and working on this track with Brown Gal and the incredible team has been thrilling.”

Brown Gal adds “It’s pure ecstasy, an audio journey that ignites the dance floor. It’s not just a track; it’s a celebration.” Dive into the party vibes and let the celebration begin’



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