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Unveiling an Epoch of Comfort: Norse Brands and DCHome by DICITex Join Hands to Introduce ‘Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes’ in India, Pioneering a New Era of Luxurious Slumber

Mumbai: Norse Brands, known for its premium home and lifestyle products from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, is excited to introduce the luxurious ‘Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes’ collection in the Indian market. This collection represents a blend of exquisite craftsmanship, innovation, and comfort, reflecting the rich heritage and aesthetic of the Nordic regions. With this launch, Norse Brands aims to establish itself as a prominent distributor of Nordic/Scandinavian high-end fashion, home, and lifestyle brands globally, with India as a key focus.

From Denmark, the renowned ‘Nordic Sleep’ by Fossflakes specialises in crafting sustainable, high-quality pillows and duvets using a unique filling technique inspired by the natural air-trapping abilities of down and feathers. Notable for their hypoallergenic properties and durability, Fossflakes products cater to various needs, including specialised pillows for adults and children such as Chiropractic, Nursing, Maternity, and Ergonomic pillows. The collection also includes thoughtfully designed Pet Beds for the comfort and well-being of pets, appealing to discerning pet parents.

All Fossflakes products are meticulously crafted in Denmark, a country globally recognized for its excellence in design craftsmanship and commitment to stringent product standards, safety protocols, and environmental sustainability.

Expressing enthusiasm for the launch, Henrik Haagen, the Co-Founder & director for Norse Brands, remarked, “The introduction of the Nordic Sleep collection to the Indian market which is now focusing on lifestyle changes and sleep being the top most priority, fills us with pride. These offerings not only reflect the essence of Norse and Nordic culture but also offer our customers an immersive experience of elegance and comfort. We believe this collaboration will resonate with those who appreciate exceptional quality and style, and value a good night’s sleep. Norse Brands is also proud to announce that it is bringing the exquisite glassware brand “Frederik Bagger” to india through its retail partners and also concentrating on Home as a holistic approach.”

Rajjnish Aroraa the Vice Chairman along with Nimish Arora the managing director, representing the esteemed Dicitex Furnishings Group, shared their excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Norse Brands is a significant milestone in our commitment to provide top-notch home furnishing solutions. We are thrilled to bring the luxurious Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes collection to the discerning Indian audience, adding timeless charm, unmatched comfort to their lifestyle and emphasising sleep as the most crucial aspect to complete wellbeing.”

About Norse Brands

Norse Brands is a premier destination for iconic Nordic Mid Century furniture, exquisite lighting fixtures, and lifestyle products. The term ‘Norse’ pays homage to Nordic mythology, reflecting the minimalistic and functional design tradition synonymous with the Nordic/Scandinavian region. Nordic/Scandinavian design aims to create enduring pieces that harmonise with living spaces, promoting a simple yet quality-driven home environment that enhances a lifestyle devoid of excess consumerism. Incorporating simplicity, functionality, and comfort, Nordic/Scandinavian architecture embraces natural light, organic materials, and integration with nature, embodying the essence of sustainable living and well-being.


Established in May 1999, Dicitex Furnishings is a pioneering name in the home furnishings industry. Under the visionary leadership of the late Lt. Manohar Lal, the company, now led by Rajjnish Aroraa and Nimish Arora, operates four vertically integrated units, encompassing various stages from yarn spinning and fabric weaving to the creation of exquisite finished products for refined living.Dicitex is a powerhouse of technology and style in the Home Decor Industry with global standards to cater to International market and is currently exporting to more than 65+ countries worldwide. The group has a large retail footprint in India and other countries.


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