Friday, June 21, 2024

Unlocking the Versatility of Google Maps: Exploring Map Layers and Features for Enhanced Navigation

Google Map is one of the most used platform for navigation. The service is available as a mobile app for both Android and iPhone as well as web users.

Google Map includes many map layers, which have been given to ease the work of the users. Do you know that Google Map has many options like air quality, default view, satellite view. Let us tell you about them in detail.

Default view:

This is the default view of the map. This is the first screen you see when you open the map on your device. The special thing about this view is that you can see the meaning clearly in it. This map can help you when you are going to a location and you want a better map view.

Satellite view:

If users want detailed information in the map, then they can use this view. In this you get to see the natural view. In this, you can see the map and the land clearly. In this view, you are presented by mixing satellite image and map image, so that you can see good detail.

Terrain view:

The web version of Google Maps does not classify terrain as a separate type of map layer. User gets terrain satellite view here as default view. You do not get to see any special detail in this map. This map can be used by such users who do backpacking, offroading or any other outdoor activity. They get a better view of the map.

Traffic layer:

Google Map’s traffic layer is a real-time representation of how busy roads are at a particular time and location. This layer shows busy areas in red and roads with less traffic in green. These areas can be as small as 200 feet and Google Maps will keep updating this as new information is processed.

Biking layer:

Biking Layer provides users with cycle routes with many different variations. The bottom of the map shows trails, dedicated lanes, improved bike roads and unpaved trails. However, it’s important to note that, unlike the mobile app, Google Maps on the web doesn’t allow users to select any two of these layers at once.

Street View:

Users don’t normally use Street View mode to search for a place. This layer highlights all Street View streets in light blue. In this mode, users can tap or click on any of these highlighted roads to get a down-to-earth image.


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