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Unlock the Secrets of Your LPG Cylinder’s Lifespan

LPG Gas Cylinder: Gas cylinder is used in almost every house in the country. With the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, access to LPG cylinders has become easier even in villages and towns. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. Same is the case with Gas Cylinder also. There are many things related to cylinders which hardly people know. Do you know that like medicines and food items, your LPG cylinder can also expire? It also has its own expiry date. If the cylinder is not checked then it can also be dangerous. Therefore, please keep this in mind for your and your family’s safety.

The lifespan of LPG gas cylinder is 15 years.

To identify the expiry of the LPG cylinder, some special codes are written on it. But, before knowing about these codes, you should know how many tests your LPG Gas Cylinder goes through. Only after these tests, LPG gas cylinder is made keeping in mind the BIS 3196 standard. The lifespan of LPG gas cylinder is 15 years. Cylinders are tested before delivery to your home. Its quality is checked twice in 15 years. The first test takes place after 10 years. Then the test is done again after 5 years.

What do the special codes written on the cylinder indicate?

A special code is written on the side plates of LPG Gas Cylinder. The code of every cylinder is different. These codes are identified by A, B, C and D. A two digit number is written next to them. Something like this – A 24, B 25, C 26, D 22. Here A, B, C and D mean month. A is used for January, February and March. B is used for April, May and June. C is used for July, August and September. D is used for October, November and December. Apart from this, the two digit number is the last two digits of the year in which the cylinder is to be tested.

Codes are written for testing date

The codes are therefore used for the testing date of the Kia cylinder. Suppose B 25 code is written on a cylinder, it means that that cylinder has to go for testing in the months of April, May and June of the year 2025. Keep in mind that the code of the coming year should always be written on the cylinder delivered to your home. Using dates that have passed their testing date or expiry date can be dangerous.


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