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Undekhi Actor Vaarun Bhagat reveals the BEST and WORST compliments he has ever received in his early days

Vaarun Bhagat says, “I need to listen that I am extremely horrible to look at?” on the best and worst compliment he has ever received

Vaarun Bhagat has time and again showcased his acting prowess by working in several critically acclaimed shows on the web, like Inside Edge, Udan Patolas, Undekhi, and Aar Ya Paar. The actor, who has had some interesting years in the industry, has now opened up about the best and worst compliments he received during this journey.

Vaarun recently opened up about his journey in Bollywood and the best and worst compliments he has received till now. The actor said, “I was going through a low phase; I hadn’t cracked any auditions at that time. One day, a casting director, who is a big shot now, saw my audition, and called me up to meet, and when we met, he said two things: “Who are you?” and “Where were you till now? That has stayed with me ever since; I really needed to hear that at the moment.”

Vaarun, who defines his journey in Bollywood as a roller coaster, added that the worst compliment he has received was when he initially stepped into the world of entertainment. He stated that receiving such feedback at the start of his career affected his confidence. The actor said, “I once gave multiple auditions for a role and was almost cast, but it didn’t work out, so I asked the casting director if there was anything I could work on, and he replied, ‘no, it’s just the way you look, you look very rough, you look really harsh’, and I said, ‘Sir how can I work on this? You’re telling me it has something to do with how I look, How can I change my face?’ To that, he even went on to say, ‘I don’t care, you’re an actor, so you need to listen this’ and I remember thinking to myself, “I need to listen that I am extremely horrible to look at?” That I don’t appear attractive on screen?”

Vaarun also explained how difficult it can be at times for actors to put themselves out there, he said, “People may believe it is acceptable to make such remarks since they are in that position, but it is not. That is something I cannot control. Yet this particular experience fueled the fire within me. It made me understand that there comes a time when you have to stop giving a damn about what other people say and start believing in yourself and pushing yourself forward, and that’s what I’ve been consciously trying to do ever since.”

On the work front, Vaarun was seen in the series Udan Patolas, and Apart from that, Vaarun Bhagat was also seen receiving appreciation for his character Lucky in Sony Liv’s Undekhi season 2 and in Hotstar’s Aar Ya Paar which was directed by Sidharth Sengupta. Recently, he made his music debut with T-Series’ hit single BIBA alongside Giorgia Andriani. Besides that, he has two series coming up about which an official announcement will be made soon.


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