Friday, June 21, 2024

‘Twitter Blue’ subscribers upload two-hour videos!

Amazing features are coming one after the other on Twitter. For the best experience of the users, Elon Musk has brought something new every day. Now a special feature has been launched regarding the video. Twitter is giving its special users the facility to upload a video of up to two hours. Elon Musk himself has given this information by tweeting.

Special feature for special Twitter users

Giving information, Elon Musk has told that users who have subscribed to Twitter Blue Tick will be able to upload a two-hour video. This video can be up to 8GB. Musk has given information about this feature by tweeting. In a tweet on his Twitter account, Musk wrote- ‘Twitter Blue Verified Subscribers can now upload two hours of 8 GB video’. The condition is that for this users will have to subscribe to Twitter Blue.


Twitter users will have to pay here too

Let me tell you that, a few days ago, Musk had tweeted that now users will have to pay for per article as well. If they do not take monthly membership, then they will have to pay B money to read the article. He also said that ‘this will generate income for many people’. It will take more time for users to create good content. The entire earning will go to the content creator.

How much is the charge of Twitter Blue

Twitter has recently started the paid blue tick service. Users can take advantage of this service by paying money. If you want to get Blue Tick on your Twitter accounts, then web users will have to spend Rs 650 per month and mobile users will have to spend Rs 900 per month.


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