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Turkey Earthquake: 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey, and many buildings collapsed due to strong tremors

Earthquake in Turkey: Strong tremors of earthquake were felt in Gaziantep city of Turkey. Its intensity on the Richter scale is 7.8. Videos of many buildings collapsing have surfaced in this earthquake.

Turkey Earthquake: Strong tremors of the earthquake have been felt in Turkey. The magnitude of the earthquake on the Richter scale is 7.8. According to the US Geological Service, the tremors of the earthquake were felt in Gaziantep, southeastern Turkey. According to the Turkish administration, five people have died so far. Several videos have surfaced on social media, in which claims of building collapse and major damage are being made.

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16 building collapse

According to Turkey’s official news agency Ana Dolu, President Rajab Tayyab Erdugan has prayed for the recovery of all the people suffering from the earthquake. He has said that the country’s disaster management agency AFAD and other units have been put on alert. According to Turkey’s Disaster Management Department AFAD, the tremors were felt at 4.17 am local time. The depth of the earthquake was 4.3 miles (seven kilometers) below the ground. According to the mayor of Sanliurfa, five people have died so far from this earthquake. Apart from this, 16 buildings have collapsed.

Earthquake tremors in Syria, Lebanon

The epicenter of the earthquake is the Pazarik district. According to the Anadolu news agency, 34 buildings have collapsed in South Osmania province. Apart from Gaziantep, tremors were also felt in Diyarbakir and Turkey’s neighboring countries of Syria and Lebanon. Significantly, in November 2022, earthquake tremors were felt in Turkey. The intensity of this earthquake was measured at 6.0 on the Richter scale.

The depth of the earthquake was 10 kilometers below the ground. Its epicenter was Golkaya in Dujce province. In the year 1999 also, there was a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Turkey. 845 people died in this.


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